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Kevin Garnett Ordered to Pay Estranged Wife $100K a Month in Child/Spousal Support

Kevin Garnett and Brandi Padilla (Getty Images)
Kevin Garnett and Brandi Padilla (Getty Images)

*Former NBA star Kevin Garnett has been ordered to pay estranged wife Brandi Garnett $100,000 a month in child and spousal support. According to The Blast, this order is only in effect until they reach a permanent deal. 

Brandi filed for divorce earlier this year — seeking physical custody of their two kids. In his response to her filing, Kevin asked for joint legal and physical custody of the children. He also asked the court to terminate spousal support, citing a prenup the former couple signed a month before the marriage.

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Brandi is fighting the prenup, calling it “unconscionable” because it states that “almost everything would be his” and she would only receive “an initial payment of S500,000 or S1 million.”

via The Blast:

Brandi was seeking 46,000 a month in child support, estimating that she will have the kids 95% of the time. She was also asking for another $146,000 in spousal support and then another $300,000 to cover her legal fees.

In the new ruling, Brandi got the $300,000 she was asking for (of which KG has already paid $75,000) and an additional $225,000.

Brandi claims Kevin was supposed to fund a joint account worth $12 million and she was to receive half upon a divorce. She claims he failed to properly fund the account and not doing so breached the terms of the (prenup) agreement.

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