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*Here’s the truth – if you’re constantly asking yourself “Does he just call me for sex?” it may be a sign that you’re nothing more to him than a pair of legs and a pretty face. You don’t even have to be objectively attractive to him and he will still offer you garbage time whenever his other plans fall through. In other words, he only wants to have sex with you.

When he texts you at 10:30 pm on a random weekday night, or you suddenly get a last-minute call from him on a Saturday, it’s because he only views you as an option, not a priority. If you were higher on his priority list, or on it at all, he would call and text you more often, plan fun things for you and him to do, and he would introduce you to the people who matter in his life.

If that’s not happening, and there’s still any question in your mind about what you mean to him, then let me be very clear: you mean absolutely nothing to this man, and you probably never will.

I’m sorry. There’s no use in me sugarcoating the situation. If a man truly WANTS YOU, I promise he won’t leave you in the dark about his feelings and intentions. He wouldn’t have you waiting by the phone, anticipating his text messages and jumping at every notification.

When a man cares about your well-being, he won’t text you at midnight and risk disrupting your sleep. If he values your time, he won’t text “I’ll let you know” whenever you try to make plans. And if he wants more than sex from you, then I promise, he will actively and consistently create opportunities to interact with you throughout the week, and your conversations won’t be dry and uninspired.

He will dig into your past, ask you deep and thought-provoking questions about your values and beliefs, he’ll discuss current events with you to get an idea about how you look at the world. He will talk to you about family, friendship, and everything in between.

If a man genuinely wants you, he will make an effort to LEARN who you are, inside and out. That consists of more than him simply asking your favorite color or the position you like most in bed. It involves mental and emotional intimacy, which can only be achieved through honest communication and vulnerability.

If you aren’t getting these things from him consistently, then it’s your responsibility to remove him from your orbit. Set boundaries to protect yourself from being used as a tool of convenience and sexual satisfaction.

Dozens of women have asked me during our coaching sessions: “Are there signs that indicate he only wants sex?” Most of them already know what to look for, they’re just ignoring the BIG RED flags. But if you, the reader, aren’t sure where you stand with your crush, then pay close attention to the following paragraphs.

Interracial lovers - Depositphotos
Interracial lovers – Depositphotos

Here’s a list of signs to help you identify his motives.

1. He’s Not Affectionate Before, During or After Sex

Don’t expect much affection from a man who you’re only seeing now and then. These casual hookups aren’t designed to include handholding, staring into each other’s eyes, or cuddling in bed on a lazy Saturday morning.

Quite often, after meeting someone new, women make the mistake of “going with the flow” even if it clashes with their own desires or beliefs. This arrangement rarely blooms into a full relationship, and it comes with zero attachments or expectations – just occasional small talk and emotionally uninspired sex.

If it’s a “situationship,” and he’s only interested in sex, then you shouldn’t anticipate intimacy on any level. There won’t be any touching, kissing, or cuddling unless he’s simultaneously removing your underwear.

Some guys won’t even bother with foreplay or show any type of affection. For them, you’re only a vessel, you serve a specific purpose. They’ll only give you the minimum sexually to avoid sending the wrong message.

That means you’ll get penetration, a washcloth if there’s one available, followed by some lame excuse about why you can’t spend the night.

It’ll never go any further. Don’t waste your time.

2. He only offers to see you at night

If you are currently “involved” with someone and he’s NEVER available during the day, it might be a red flag that he strictly wants to be your bed buddy. When a man only wants sex, he will generally contact you at night when he knows you’re vulnerable and more likely to agree to his advances.

I’ll give you an example – if his goal is to liquor you up and take you home, then inviting you to breakfast or lunch wouldn’t be very logical. Drinking is a pastime generally reserved for the evening.

So if you’re getting texts from him asking you to meet for drinks at specific hours of the night, it’s because he knows you’re more likely to make impulsive decisions once you have alcohol in your system.

Lastly, when it comes to dating, it’s important to remember that men often apply strategy in their approach. When darkness falls, people are more likely to indulge their sexual desires and engage in intimate activities. If he’s only offering to see you at night, it’s because he’s relying on the elements of romance and seduction to get you naked.

3. He sends you dry, one-word text messages

If you’re receiving bland, abbreviated text messages at odd hours of the night, then he’s probably not interested in you on a serious level. It’s a red flag.

I’ll give you a scenario. As you crawl into bed to get beauty rest for the next day, your phone suddenly flashes to inform you of an incoming text. Curious, you quickly pick it up, and excitement rushes through your body when you see his name on the screen. You open the message, and it says “wyd,” or simply “hey.” If he’s feeling particularly daring, he might even throw in an eggplant emoji, letting you know his intentions. There’s no indication that he cares about you outside of what you can offer him sexually.

That’s a bad sign.

When a man decides that he wants more than casual sex, he’ll gradually begin to call and text you with greater regularity. This shift in his behavior will likely occur after he starts to feel an emotional connection. As time progresses, and his feelings get stronger, he’ll become more receptive to the idea of establishing a full relationship with you. After months of dating, you’ll finally reach a point where you know you’re his priority.

He’ll start to show a deeper interest in your life. You’ll receive texts from him asking about your day, and he’ll listen attentively to your stories during phone calls, showing genuine curiosity and concern. If he isn’t showing you effort on this level, especially after you’ve been intimate with him, it means your relationship will likely never progress beyond casual hookups.

4. He’s Anti-Relationship

When a man only intends to be involved with you sexually, he’ll often say things like, “I’m just not the relationship type,” “I’m still healing from past trauma,” or “I don’t wanna put any restrictions on you.” He might even get dramatic and say, “Babe, I’m all messed up, you deserve more.”

He will feed you bullshit, knowing in the back of his mind that you AREN’T GOING TO LEAVE HIM (especially after he’s given you good sex).

If you were a fly on the wall of any locker room or barbershop, you would hear men discussing women in ways that would shock you to the core. At some point, inevitably, the men in the room would begin to boast exaggeratively about their sexual experiences, and amidst the chatter, you would hear comments about how good sex is the key to unlocking and manipulating a woman’s emotions.

This isn’t entirely untrue – women often confuse sexual chemistry with true love, leaving them vulnerable to making hasty and regretful decisions in their relationships.
(It happens to men also, but not as frequently).

If a snake wants to string you along, he’ll rely on the power of sex and manipulation to keep you hooked.

He’ll also use honesty as a weapon. Being upfront with you about his intentions gives him immunity from being the “bad guy” if you start to catch feelings and want more than a physical relationship.

Don’t let yourself be a victim of this toxic behavior – refrain from having sex with a man who isn’t ready to commit, especially if he’s vocal about it.

5. He Constantly Asks You For Nude Pictures

If he’s asking to see photos of you naked, instead of asking questions to learn about you, that’s a red flag.
You shouldn’t continue seeing him. When a man’s interested in getting to know you, he will make an effort to spend time with you and ask you questions about yourself, especially during the early stages.

However, once you notice that he’s only showing effort to get involved with you sexually, it’s important to set boundaries and protect yourself from being taken advantage of. Asking you to send him provocative images of yourself is a clear indicator that he is not respecting your boundaries and is only interested in objectifying you.

Interracial lovers - Depositphotos
Interracial lovers – Depositphotos

Unfortunately, many women fall into the trap of thinking sex and seduction is the only means of gaining power and worth in a male-dominated society. But if you desire a genuine connection, then you should only entertain men who ask you to expose your personality, not your body.

It’s no secret that men enjoy staring at naked women.
Heck, even homosexual men appreciate the beauty of a woman in her birthday suit. It’s a male DNA thing. That’s why strip clubs and internet porn are still popular today, they’re like two sides of the same coin – both offer a temporary escape from reality.

Still, it’s not your job, nor should you feel pressure to be his source of visual stimulation. Just send him a link to Pornhub and walk away. It’ll save you valuable time.

Cory Haywood - screenshot
Cory Haywood – screenshot

Cory A. Haywood a/k/a Cory “The Trainer” Haywood is a Motivational Speaker | Fitness Trainer • Relationship Coach • Communication Expert helping women rediscover their power and confidence. Learn more and contact Cory via: https://linktr.ee/corythetrainer

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