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15 Individuals Hurt in Tram Accident at Universal Studios Hollywood | VIDEO

*Under the glittering lights of Universal Studios Hollywood, a tram adventure turned chaotic on Saturday night, leaving a trail of fifteen injured souls in its wake.

As the clock struck 9:13 p.m., emergency responders rushed to the famed theme park, their sirens echoing through the night. Amidst the hustle and bustle, a grim scene unfolded—a studio tour tram had met with an unfortunate collision, leaving its passengers in distress.

Surveying the aftermath, rescue teams found a mix of minor and critical injuries among the unfortunate riders. With swift action, all fifteen casualties were swiftly whisked away to a nearby hospital for urgent care.

The cause of the collision remains shrouded in mystery, leaving speculation in its wake. Was it a mechanical malfunction or a misstep in navigation? The truth eludes us for now.

Tram crash at Universal Studios - screenshot
Tram crash at Universal Studios – screenshot

Despite the somber turn of events, the Studio Tour stands resilient, a beacon of Hollywood glamour. Celebrating six decades of cinematic magic since its inception in 1964, it remains a cornerstone of Universal’s allure.

In response to the incident, a spokesperson for Universal Studios issued a solemn statement to KTLA TV News, acknowledging the ordeal and pledging support to the affected guests.

As the investigation unfolds, the California Highway Patrol takes the helm, determined to unravel the circumstances behind this unforeseen tragedy.

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