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Tamar Braxton Responds to Fiancé’s Criticism Over Messy Carlos King Interview

J.R. Robinson
Tamar Braxton & J.R. Robinson

*Tamar Braxton issued an apology after her fiance criticized her messy interview with renowned reality television producer Carlos King.

As we reported earlier, Braxton’s fiance, JR Robinson, issued a warning after King reportedly referred to him as the “KFC Man,” suggesting JR, who is white, looks like Colonel Sanders. Robinson caught wind of the comments and took to Instagram with a message: “Keep poking the bear.”

In a series of Instagram Story posts, JR didn’t mention Tamar’s name but did have smoke for Carlos. As Ice Cream Convos reports, Robinson wrote: “Truth is – they are not ready for me to tell my side of the story. I keep choosing grace. But, I can only be thrown under the bus and not defended for so much longer.”

He added: “I’ll be Colonel Sanders and give you some chicken to eat with my story… Keep poking the bear!”

Braxton apologized for the mistake, acknowledging that she is learning to love herself and experience “true love.”

Tamar Braxton i
Tamar Braxton arrives at the BET Awards 2022 held at Microsoft Theater at L.A. Live on June 26, 2022 in Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Depositphotos)

“When you truly love someone, hurting the person that you love is far worse than being hurt BY the one you love,” she stated in a post on social media, Vibe reports.

“I’m new to true love and loving myself. I’m so sorry that it’s you that has to feel the trial and error,” she added.

“I wish for the opportunity to give an apology and be forgiven in it ALL. In relationships, we take being forgiven for granted. It’s a blessing to be able to say I’m sorry and see another day in the war of love in this together. No matter how much I feel like I was right…you felt wronged. And I gotta respect that,” the R&B singer continued.

“I’m not embarrassed for being open about how I feel,” Braxton posted. “I’m embarrassed of how I made you feel. I’m sorry.”

After previously getting engaged to JR, then going through a breakup and reconciliation, the R&B star recently expressed her desire to keep their relationship private. However, after her interview with King, JR stated that he’s no longer interested in protecting Tamar.

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