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‘Royal Rules of Ohio’ – Ghanaian Royalty Navigates Life in America | WATCH


Freeform’s newest docuseries, “Royal Rules of Ohio,” offers an intimate look into the lives of the Agyekum sisters, three royal descendants from Ghana navigating their 20s in Columbus, Ohio.

The series captures the unique journey of Brenda, Nana, and Thelma Agyekum as they blend their rich cultural heritage with the challenges of modern American life.

“We are just trying to figure out life, love, and all these royal rules, but we cannot risk ruining the family name,” explains Brenda Agyekum. Roughly 25 years ago, the Agyekum family moved from Ghana to Ohio, bringing with them traditions and expectations of royal behavior. Brenda, the eldest sister, adds, “My sisters and I are trying to figure out these royal rules.”

Nana Agyekum, the middle sister, balances respect for their heritage with the desire to carve out her own path. “We play by our parents’ rules because the culture has really instilled in us how to navigate this world,” Nana says. “But also, we’re kind of creating our own rules. We are in our 20s. This is the time you’re supposed to discover what you like, and what you dislike.”

Royal Rules of Ohio - promo
Royal Rules of Ohio – promo

The youngest sister, Thelma, brings a bold vision and enthusiasm to the series. “The world isn’t ready for the Agyekums,” she told Chicago’s ABC7. “We’re taking over the world. I feel like it’s something the world hasn’t even seen yet, so they need to be prepared.”

“Royal Rules of Ohio” promises a mix of family drama, cultural insights, and comedic moments. “You can expect to see so much stuff, from family drama to betrayal. You will also see our Ghanaian culture,” Brenda reveals. The sisters assure viewers that their family’s dynamic and comedic moments will keep them entertained. “I think our family is just comedy,” Brenda laughs. “Viewers are going to love how funny we are.”

Beyond the family dynamics, the docuseries offers a fresh perspective on life in Columbus. “We show Ohio like it’s never been seen before,” says Thelma. The series captures the vibrant multicultural landscape of the state capital through the unique experiences and perspectives of the Agyekum sisters.

Royal Rules of Ohio” premiered Wednesday on Freeform but will also be available for streaming on Hulu. This groundbreaking series invites viewers into the world of Ghanaian royalty in America, showcasing their journey of self-discovery, cultural pride, and family bonds in a way that’s both entertaining and enlightening.

If you’ve already checked it out, scroll down and let us know your thoughts about the series.

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