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Roland Martin: Charlamagne is Half Right & Half Wrong About D.E.I. | WATCH

'D.E.I. is the child of Affirmative Action'

Roland Martin - Charlamagne Tha God - screenshot
Roland Martin – Charlamagne Tha God – screenshot

*Why is it that programs aimed to benefit disenfranchised Black people, benefit White people the most? D.E.I. (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is the order of the day which gives Roland Martin his opportunity to check Charlamagne Tha God who says it’s “mostly garbage.”

White supremacists are blaming everything – from doors flying off airplanes to ships bringing down bridges – on “incompetent/unqualified” non-White workers, especially Blacks. One critic quipped, “D.E.I. stands for ‘Didn’t Earn It’.” Another said he would not fly on a plane with two Black pilots.

Recently on “The Daily Show,” TV/radio personality Charlamagne Tha God did a nearly seven-minute satirical segment on D.E.I. Although it was entertaining and drew a lot of laughs (e.g. “DEI is the acronym for Dr. Dre, Easy E, and Ice Cube”), as we already mentioned, he concluded that D.E.I. was well-intended but “mostly garbage.”

On his “Roland Martin Unfiltered” broadcast, journalist/news commentator/author Roland Martin responded by parsing Charlamagne’s video segment and putting some fact-based meat on the bones; stating that D.E.I. is the child of affirmative action. He explained that after the 1967 riots, the Kerner Commission Report concluded that there were two Americas, White and Black and that news coverage needed to be diversified. From that point, he brilliantly unpacked in succession how D.E.I. was born with the DNA of Title IX, and Diversity programs of the ’70s and ’80s. Not only did they benefit Blacks, but White women as well.

After George Floyd died at the hands of police, corporate America, largely controlled by Whites, made a 50-million-dollar promise and advertised many, many DEI jobs online. However, 75% of those jobs were filled by Whites; many of them White women. To that, Martin said, “People pretty much hire who they know, and if all you know are White folks; and if all you see are White folks; and if all you hang out with are White folks; and if you only recruit at schools where there are White folks; then that’s exactly who you’re going to hire.” That goes for the selection of non-White vendors and other non-White business partnerships too.

Martin went on to say that Whites strongly opposed affirmative action programs just as they did with other programs for Blacks since after the Civil War; to the New Deal of the 1930s; and to today’s Donald Trump-controlled republican party that strongly opposes D.E.I. Note: Up until the “Lily-White” movement formed within the Republican Party during the 1890s, Blacks largely supported Republican politics.

Martin said that of all the Fortune 500 companies, there are only nine Black CEOs and for D.E.I. – designed to benefit the Blacks, White women, Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, gay, and disabled – to become successful there needs to be more business diversity and more minority leadership in operations.

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