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Insane! Chaos Unleashes in Maine Courtroom Right After Murder Sentence | WATCH

*In a dramatic turn of events at the Skowhegan, Maine courthouse, chaos erupted on Friday (04-12-24) as a member of the victim’s family lunged across the courtroom, resulting in a scuffle and subsequent arrest.

The tense atmosphere unfolded shortly after 20-year-old Jason Servil received a hefty 45-year sentence for the tragic killing of Alice Abbott back in July 2022, despite pleas from Abbott’s relatives for a harsher punishment.

As legal discussions were underway among the attorneys, the victim’s brother breached the courtroom barrier in a desperate bid for justice, only to be subdued by a swift response from a county corrections officer armed with a stun gun, reports WABI-TV.

Servil had confessed to the murder of the young Abbott and also admitted to assaulting another individual at a Skowhegan residence.

Maine courtroom brawl - screenshot
Maine courtroom brawl – screenshot

Investigations revealed that Servil and Abbott had connected online, with Servil lodging on the property owned by Abbott’s parents for several weeks. However, their relationship soured after Abbott ended it and began seeing someone else, as indicated by her activity on social media.

Tragically, Abbott’s lifeless body was discovered following a distress call reporting an assault on Canaan Road. A subsequent examination by the Medical Examiner’s Office revealed around 100 wounds on her body, with the cause of death attributed to severe blood loss.

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