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Shannon Sharpe Internship Selects Savannah State University Duo

Shannon Sharpe (blue jacket)
Shannon Sharpe

*Shannon Sharpe will have a common interest with the students selected for his Shay Shay Media Social Media Internship.

ClutchPoints reports that Daryl Green and Natayja Smith are the recipients of the internship. The duo, who attend Sharpe’s alma mater, Savannah State University (SSU), will be a part of the Shay Shay Media team, assisting the football legend with his “Club Shay Shay” and “Nightcap” podcasts.

Green, a junior majoring in Mass Communications, shared his joy of being a Shay Shay Media intern while noting his hope of his experience benefiting other SSU students.

“It feels great, the Mass Communication Student Association and National Association of Black Journalists member told ClutchPoints regarding his selection for the Shay Shay media internship. “To be one of the students who was selected this is something that I’ve prepared for since I got here at Savannah State. All of the classes, all of the extracurricular activities that I’ve participated in. Just really equipping me with the skill set to be even mentioned as a candidate and ultimately getting this role and working with the team at nightcap. So this is something that I’ve worked for and it feels great as a student.”

“I want [the internship] to showcase what we have here at Savannah State,” he said. “Even though right now I’m in this role helping the team at Nightcap, I feel like we have a lot of people who can also fulfill roles like this. I wanna show off not only my skill set, but a lot of the things Savannah State has helped me with and just what we have here at this HBCU.”


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For Smith, the Shay Shay Media internship comes as a definite “milestone for me personally” for someone who “didn’t think I would necessarily not get it. As it turned out, her decision to just “give it a shot” paid off in a big way.

Like Green, the Television & Film Production major hopes the internship will have a long-lasting effect, shining a light on Savannah State’s journalism department

“For the school, I would say it is pretty great, especially for our journalism program, the SSU senior voiced to ClutchPoints. I think it’s a great opportunity for us to have even bigger opportunities outside. Not even the school or the Savannah community, but just a bigger platform, and what’s even better [is] it being from Savannah State alumni like Shannon Sharpe.”

With Green and Smith as Shay Shay Media interns, the scene is set for the pair to follow in Sharpe’s footsteps as SSU students making a positive impact on behalf of their beloved institution. For Sharpe, the impact was made in sports, withholding every major receiving record in the school’s history. Further cementing his legacy, Sharpe’s work in pro football resulted in his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

As a college football player, Green sees a role model in the “Club Shay Shay” personality. One that furthers his appreciation of Sharpe and the opportunity to showcase his skill to his fellow Savannah State tiger.

“The appreciation that I have for Shannon Sharpe is just kind of unmatched to a lot of things. He’s somebody that I look up to and is an African American in the media doing it at a very high level. You always have to respect that,” said Green. “For him to be able to give this opportunity back to Savannah State, I wanna showcase to him that he’s not going to be let down. He wants to give back to his alma mater and I wanna showcase that what we have here at his alma mater is high-level talent who can succeed in the roles he asks us to do.”

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