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What’s Wrong with You, Fool?! – Doja Cat Can’t Understand Why Parents Bring Their ‘Mistakes,’ Err, Children to Her Raunchy Show | WATCH

Doja Cat - Instagram
Doja Cat – Instagram
Doja Cat comments to parents
Doja Cat comments to parents

*As you can see above, Doja Cat is going at certain parents. The hip-hop performer is thoroughly pissed over the nitwits who bring kids to her concerts, and then complain about what they see — after all, she has a hit entitled “Wet Vagina!” Duh. Hello?!

On Friday, Doja Cat unleashed a barrage of colorful language while schooling grown-ups who apparently can’t locate a capable babysitter.

The 28-year-old diva went off: “IDK what the fk you think this is but I don’t make music for children so leave your kids at home motherf***.”

And she didn’t stop there: “I’m rapping about c*m why are you bringing your offspring to my show.”

What sparked her fury remains a mystery, but her recent antics at Coachella certainly back up her tirade.

At Coachella, Doja Cat strutted and twerked across a muddy stage in nothing but lingerie, owning every ounce of it in front of cameras and her adoring fans.

Sure, this could all just be a shocking marketing scheme for her “Scarlet” tour, hitting Europe this summer, but her rage feels pretty darn real.

No doubt, as TMZ notes, Doja, you’re bound to grab some eyeballs when you start referring to your fans’ little darlings as “mistakes” and such. 😳”

Meanwhile, folks in the peanut gallery had thoughts.

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