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O.J. Attorney Carl Douglas Defends Playing Race Card: Evidence, Not Trickery! | WATCH

*In the annals of legal history, O.J. Simpson‘s 1994 murder trial remains a contentious saga, with his exoneration stirring debate even now. Yet, Attorney Carl Douglas, a member of his celebrated defense team, dubbed the Dream Team, staunchly defends their trial tactics.

Among their bold strategies, the utilization of the “race card” stands out, a move vigorously supported by Douglas, according to TMZ. He contends that the racial dimension was inevitable, asserting that both sides were cognizant of its significance in the proceedings.

Douglas rebuffs accusations of mere manipulation, insisting they merely presented the evidence at hand. The trial occurred against the backdrop of heightened racial tensions post-Rodney King, injecting further complexity into an already charged atmosphere.

Critics lambasted Simpson’s legal counsel for exploiting the schism between the Black community and law enforcement, alleging a calculated bid to secure a favorable verdict for their high-profile client.

F. Lee Bailey and OJ Simpson during trial - Pool photo
F. Lee Bailey and OJ Simpson during the trial – Pool photo

Indeed, their tactics yielded success, yet Douglas vehemently rejects the characterization of “playing the race card.” Instead, he underscores their duty to highlight pertinent evidence.

The focus turned to LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman, whose tarnished credibility became a focal point. Revelations of his racist remarks, coupled with insinuations of evidence tampering, cast doubt on the integrity of the investigation.

Douglas contends that such revelations warranted scrutiny, given Fuhrman’s apparent bias against Black and Brown individuals.

Ultimately, he asserts that the defense merely leveraged available evidence, a standard practice in legal proceedings.

“When you are presented with facts suggesting that a primary detective in the case had a racial animus against Black and Brown suspects, and Black and Brown prisoners, so strongly that he wanted to separate from the police department because he couldn’t control his anger … that had to be an issue that we had to follow and seek to exploit if, in fact, it was true.”

OJ Simpson and If I Did it composite - Getty
OJ Simpson and If I Did it composite – Getty

As for the surge in sales of Simpson’s controversial book “If I Did It” following his demise, it reignites a long-standing controversy. Originally met with widespread condemnation, the book’s hypothetical exploration of Simpson’s involvement in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman stirred public outrage.

Amidst the outcry, the Goldman family wrested control of the publication, rebranding it to emphasize Simpson’s culpability. Despite legal battles over proceeds, the resurgence of sales suggests a bittersweet outcome for the Goldmans, offering a semblance of justice amidst lingering grievances.

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