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Indiana State University Releases Statement Denouncing ‘Racist Video’ Directed at Beyoncé | WATCH

ISU student's Racist Beyoncé Comments Condemned - act ii Cowboy Carter artwork - via Instagram
Beyonce – act ii Cowboy Carter artwork – via Instagram

For those who insist racism is dead, all you need to do is read this. An Indiana State University student’s racist comments about Beyoncé and her “Cowboy Carer” album have sparked protests from those who found the video after it went viral. Members of the ISU community are speaking out.

Here’s the deal. An ISU nursing student posted an anti-Black video to social media, saying that Black people cannot be “country.”

She continued her rant, referencing slavery, the student said, “I’m sorry, if you’re Black, you’re not country.”

“I know you were raised in the country, or your grandparents were,” she continued. “But they was picking. They wasn’t planting. Keep that in mind. They wasn’t making money. They was getting sold for money.”

Watch the idiotic and racist screed via the TikTok video below.

@miscasmr meet Asa Blanton of Indianna State University. She takes the cake for being an ignorant, low class racist. Let’s find social accounts and give her the attention she so desperately wants. @IndianaStateUniveristy #asablanton #indianastateuniversity #beyonce #cowboycarter ♬ original sound – yeahhhwhatever

The University said it is aware of the video and is monitoring the situation.

“As the video went viral, ISU President Deborah J. Curtis issued a statement to Facebook on April 10, condemning the comments made by the student.”

“Upon learning that a racist video from an Indiana State University student was posted online, we immediately worked with the vice president for Student Affairs to identify the student, communicate directly with student leaders, and strategize how to prioritize student well-being and safety,” the statement read.

“Racism, hate speech, and discrimination of any kind is deplorable and in direct contradiction of Indiana State’s mission, vision, and values. The student’s comments in the video in no way represent the ideals and goals of Indiana State University. We are appalled by the sentiments expressed in the video and condemn those comments in the strongest terms.”

According to the Indiana Statesman, students held a protest on April 8 in response to the video. The Statesman reported the group demanded repercussions for the student’s behavior.

ISU’s Black Alumni Network released a statement, saying they “stand united in our shock and condemnation” of the video. The group called ISU’s response ‘grossly inadequate,’ and demanded President Deborah Curtis address the issue ‘immediately and publicly.'”

“Indiana State University’s response to this vile display of bigotry has been, to say the least, disheartening,” the Black Alumni Network said. “Such a response is a slap in the face to every student, alumni, faculty and staff member who looks to ISU to uphold principles of inclusivity, respect, and dignity for all.”

Beyonce (cowgirl outfit) Instagram
Beyonce (cowgirl outfit) Instagram

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