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R&B Old-schooler Brenton Wood Gets His Flowers During Long Beach, CA Stage Appearance | PICs

Brenton Wood Photo Credit: Marilyn Smith
Brenton Wood Photo Credit: Marilyn Smith

*The “Catch You on the Rebound Tour” (featuring Brenton Wood and a bunch of others from back in da day) rolled into the Long Beach Arena, in Long Beach, CA on Saturday, February 10, for the pre-Valentine’s weekend, and the old-school concert was all love.

The line-up included Garland Green, The Lovelites, The Bar-Kays, The Altons, Joey Quinones, Candyman, The Sinseers, NB Ridaz, Joe Bataan, Barbara Mason, and Aaron Frazer, but the night belonged to (Brenton) Wood, who may (or may not) have made his final stage appearance.

DJ Ernie kicked the evening off with old-school hit after old-school hit. He had the place rocking, so much so that the bass was saying it with my whole chest.

A speaker was directly above me, and although having a front-row seat was pretty cool, oh my chest!

Garland Green was up first, and proved a more than adequate opening act, performing “Going in Circles” and “Jealous Kind of Fella.” Up next was Patti, of the Lovelites, who understood the Valentine’s assignment and was dressed in red pants and a white and red jacket. She sang “My Conscious” and “How Can I Tell My Mom and Dad?”

Barbara Mason - Photo Credit: Marilyn Smith
Barbara Mason – Photo Credit: Marilyn Smith
Bar Kays Lead Singer - Photo Credit: Marilyn Smith
Bar-Kays Lead Singer – Photo Credit: Marilyn Smith

Then it was time for the Bar-Kays to funk up the place, which they did, beginning with “Shake Your Rump to the Funk.” They also performed “Hit and “Run,” “Anticipation,” “Move Your Boogie Body,” and finished up with “Freak Show.” They made it do what it do, even if they were clad in white glitter pants and blue letterman-type jackets.

Candyman performed “Knockin Boots” and gave a tribute to 50 years of Hip Hop. The Altons, Joey Quinones, The Sinseers, NB Ridaz, Joe Bataan, and Aaron Frazer also performed, appealing to the predominately Latino audience. Barbara Mason was another one who was onboard with the Valentine colors, dressed in a red two-piece pants outfit. She began by performing The Jacksons’ “Shake Your Body Down to the Ground” and Smokey Robinson’s “Agony and Ecstasy,” before moving on to “Sad, Sad Girl,” “Happy Girl,” and “Oh, How it Hurts.”

Brenton Wood Celebration - Photo Credit: Marilyn Smith
Brenton Wood Celebration – Photo Credit: Marilyn Smith

After Joey Quinones, the stage went completely dark, and we couldn’t see the preparations that were being made for the next performer. It took nearly 30 minutes, but thanks to DJ Ernie, the lag didn’t bother the crowd, as they moved, grooved, drank, and partied like there was no tomorrow.

The promoter, Jimmy, came on stage, and in true hype man fashion, touted how the next performer had 65 years in the business, had shown so much love through the years, made baby-making music, and had been ill, but because he felt, “these are my people,” he wanted to make it to the concert. Jimmy mentioned the effort it took to get “him” there and urged the crowd to sing louder them “him” and show him all the love he deserved for the many years of his music, and because it may be the last time we see him on stage.

“Him” turned out to be none other than Brenton Wood, the legend who gave us “Gimme Little Sign,” “Baby You Got It,” and “The Ooogum Boogum Song.” The stage came out of the darkness and Brenton Wood was sitting in a king’s chair, and yes, he understood the assignment; he was dressed to the nines in his customary zoot suit, a red one, with a white shirt and hat…and a bandage on one eyebrow. The audience responded as requested, they sang the songs, some louder and better than others, which of course included his biggest hit, “Gimme Little Sign.” Most of the audience stood during the entire set, singing, taking pictures and videos, and crowding around the stage. They showed Brenton Wood the love befitting a king, culminating in a standing ovation. At the end of the set, silver confetti rained from the ceiling. It was a sight to behold.

If this was Brenton Wood’s final stage appearance, let it be said he went out in style.

Marilyn Smith is a Los Angeles-based writer/reviewer. Contact her via [email protected]

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