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Highlights from ‘Katt Williams: Woke Foke’ – Streaming Now on Netflix | WATCH

Katt Williams - via Netflix
Katt Williams – via Netflix

*As the calendar flipped to 2024, Katt Williams seized the national spotlight, launching the year with a three-hour comedic marathon on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast, which left Netflix pondering: Could there be a more fitting maestro for the apex of live comedic acts on its platform? As Netflix‘s humor-filled festival — the second “Netflix is a Joke Fest” — unfurled, the world eagerly anticipated the “Katt Williams: Woke Foke” special.

In a landmark move for Netflix, and a first for Williams, his latest comic foray was broadcast live for global audiences on a breezy Saturday evening, the 4th of May, 2024.

Rather than reigniting previous feuds sparked earlier that January, Williams sailed through the hour, sparing none as he playfully lambasted icons from various spheres — cue Nick Cannon to politicians and beyond.

In usual Katt-fashion, he lightens the tone with an early quip about his stint on “Club Shay Shay,” jesting, “I tried to be incog-Negro but thanks to Shannon Sharpe’s loudmouth ass, the gig is up. Everybody knows I’ll tell. But I don’t do no snitching! Y’all know my job. In my spare time, I infiltrate the Illuminati. Look for their secrets. Run back. Tell y’all. And they’d kill me if they could, but I’m too fast, and the Lord keeps blessing me.”

Then there’s the sweet melody of a young girl singing the Nationwide Insurance jingle, a simple sound that, according to Williams, elevates his spirits. Not to forget his theatrical remake of the Alabama dock scuffle that had Williams so amused he couldn’t help but share a dramatic narration with his audience.

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Diving into the joke vault, here’s Williams roasting Nick Cannon:
“Nick Cannon’s got 136 Children, Jesus. Did you know that? Did you know Nick was f–king like that? He deserves a Nobel penis prize. He is working!” he chides. “One hundred years from now, Nick Cannon is going be one of the greatest ni–as that ever lived. He’s got the same number of kids as Abraham! Do you understand what that means biblically? There’s going to be whole cities and ni–as related to Nick Cannon!”

And Williams didn’t leave the Bidens out of the mix:
“The Federal Bureau of Investigation said they don’t know whose cocaine was at the White House,” Williams fires off. “What type of investigation did you do ? I don’t know what the f–k is going on. ‘We don’t know whose it is.’ It was in Hunter Biden’s room. It said ‘Hunter’s blow’ on the bag… Hunter’s on crack. Joe’s asleep. The only person really working at the White House, behind the scenes, is Joe Biden’s German Shepherd named Commander. Commander has bitten 13 motherf–kers at the White House to this day. Commander is standing on business.”

Even Donald Trump couldn’t escape the Katt man’s sharp wit:
“Trump finally decided to reach out to Black people. He decided to do it a with a motherf–king shoe, ’cause he heard ni–as love sneakers,” Williams scoffed. “Get the f–k out of here! Those are $400. Only a white man would make something for ni–as that no Black people can match. Who has a red, white, blue and gold outfit they’ve been waiting to rock? …I tried Joe Biden’s shoes, but I didn’t like them. I put on one shoe and both of my feet fell asleep.”

Williams’s passionate discourse on reparations captured the audience as the “Woke Foke” metaphorical curtain drew to a close. With his razor-sharp analysis, he weighed the massive financial aid sent to Ukraine against the enduring struggle for equality among African Americans, invoking the need for empathy and action.

Clearly, the experience of watching Williams unravel in his unique, lofty comic stratosphere was something of a wonder—a necessary cultural indulgence. Yet, amidst the fanfare of effects and timely quips, one wonders if the immediacy of this (“Katt Williams: Woke Foke”) special will allow it to endure, to be relished through time as his previous works have been. Nonetheless, this was an hour with Katt Williams, and that alone meant it was an hour to be remembered.

So what are YOUR thoughts about the “Katt Williams: Woke Foke” comedy special on Netflix? Scroll down and tell the world what’s on your mind.

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