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Ray J Suggests His Sex Tape with Kim Kardashian Inspired OnlyFans Trend | Video


*Ray J appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast and was asked about his infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

“It was so long ago… All I remember is how it smells,” Ray J responded before ducking behind the interview chair and adding, “I didn’t mean that… It smelled great.”

Ray J also implied that the sex tape inspired the adult entertainment platform OnlyFans.

“How different would we all be?” he asked, Vibe reports. “How different would this whole f**king thing be? How different would this industry be? Everything would be different. There might not be any OnlyFans and all the things like that. All the opportunities like that. Probably more people would be going to college.”

The singer/entrepreneur wonders whether his influence in pop culture has been positive.

“Are we a part of the cure or [are] we a part of the disease?” he asked. “I don’t know. All I know is I’m trying to make it right.”

When Shannon asked if the was embarrassed by the sex tape, Ray J said, “Yes.”

“I have kids now. Everything I did now when we have kids is just totally different,” he explained.

“The whole thing is wacky,” the father of two continued. “With my kids it’s not ok.”

Ray J and Diddy - GettyImages
Ray J and Diddy – GettyImages

Elsewhere in the conversation, Ray J reacted to the Diddy-Cassie beating video, claiming he no longer respects the music mogul.

“You cannot do that,” he said. “Not OK. It’s not cool. Period. [The video] was heartbreaking and shameful and unacceptable I’ve never seen nothing like that. I’ve never seen nothing like that in the history of my life, so that’s a new [one] for me. I don’t know what kind of demon you are, but somebody need to motherf**kin’ perform an exorcism fast.”

Watch Ray J’s Club Shay Shay interview below.

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