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Ice Cube’s Big 3 League Sells Its First Basketball Team

Big 3, the innovative 3-on-3 "Fireball" league founded by Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz.
Big 3, the innovative 3-on-3 “Fireball” league founded by Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz.

*Ice Cube’s Big3 basketball league scored big with its first team sold in a $10 million deal to investment firm DCB Sports. 

As Bloomberg reports, the team, based in Los Angeles, marks a shift as Big3 moves to a city-based format, putting all 12 teams up for sale. In the new city-centric format, Big3 games will take place in home market arenas, allowing teams to cultivate their own fan bases.

“We need to plant our roots in cities so we can be more than a rolling all-star game coming through,” Ice Cube said. “It’s really about growing the sport and the league.”

Previously, the league owned and operated all Big3 teams. Now, four additional groups will each own a team, with announcements expected in June, coinciding with the new season’s start. The league aims to include London and Toronto teams.

According to Bloomberg, ownership for all teams is slated for completion by summer 2025. Additionally, Big3 is contemplating expanding to 16 teams by the following year.

Ice Cube (Getty Images)
Ice Cube (Getty Images)

We reported earlier that Ice Cube invited Shaquille O’Neal to play for his BIG3 League after the NBA icon expressed interest in playing professional basketball again.

During a recent episode of Shaq’s The Big Podcast, he asked his cohost, ex-NBA player Mario Chalmers, if he could play in Cube’s basketball organization.

“You think I can play in the BIG3?,” O’Neal asked Chalmers, who currently plays in the BIG3 League, Vibe reports. 

“Yeah, easily. I got the perfect spot for you, too. Come over there with me and Mike Beasley. You ain’t gotta do nothing but stay in the paint,” Chalmers replied. 

However, Shaq noted a recent hip surgery as a possible impediment.

In March, Cube proposed a guaranteed $5 million deal to Caitlin Clark, to play in eight regular-season games and two playoff games. 

“We intended the offer to remain private while Caitlin Clark plays for the championship,” Cube said. “But I won’t deny what’s now already out there: BIG3 made a historic offer to Caitlin Clark. Why wouldn’t we? Caitlin is a generational athlete who can achieve tremendous success in the BIG3.”  

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