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Georgia Beach Takes Action Against Black Students’ Spring Event After Last Year’s Disorderly Crowds | PicsVideo

*This weekend, as thousands of Black college students flocked to Tybee Beach, Georgia’s largest public beach on Tybee Island for an annual spring bash, they were met with a significant police presence and barricades blocking off neighborhood streets. Despite the beach remaining open, officials restricted access to nearby parking.

Tybee Island, located east of Savannah, has grappled with the April beach party dubbed Orange Crush for over three decades, initiated by students at Savannah State University, a historically Black institution. Residents have frequently voiced concerns about the disruptive noise, littering, and public indecency associated with the event.

Tensions escalated a year ago when a record-breaking crowd of over 100,000 overwhelmed the small island, straining law enforcement with numerous emergency calls reporting incidents ranging from gunfire to traffic congestion. Mayor Brian West, elected last fall, expressed determination to end Orange Crush, citing safety concerns and the strain it places on the community.

“This has to stop. We can’t have this crowd anymore,” West told the AP via NBC News. “My goal is to end it.”

Tybee Island (Black Student Spring Break) - screenshot
Tybee Island (Black Student Spring Break) – screenshot

However, critics argue that local authorities are disproportionately targeting Black visitors to a beach historically segregated until the 1960s. They highlight the double standard, noting the island’s tolerance for large predominantly white crowds during other events. Julia Pearce, a Black resident and leader of a group called the Tybee MLK Human Rights Organization, criticizes selective enforcement, suggesting racial bias.

“Our weekends are packed with people all season, but when Orange Crush comes they shut down the parking, bring extra police and act like they have to take charge,” said Pearce. “They believe Black folks to be criminals.”

To manage the event, the city implemented roadblocks, closed parking lots, and increased police presence, drawing inspiration from tactics employed during recent events in Miami Beach. Mayor West insists that public safety is the primary concern, dismissing accusations of racial bias as unfounded.

Despite the efforts to control the event, incidents have occurred in the past, including assaults, robberies, and even a shooting off the island attributed to road rage. While some attribute these issues to the influx of visitors, others, like Joshua Miller, a student at Savannah State University, suspect racial motives behind the crackdown.

The history of Orange Crush reflects a shift from its origins as a university-sponsored event to an independently organized gathering, prompting concerns about safety and community impact. While measures have been taken in the past to regulate the event, the recent escalation has reignited debates over race, public safety, and the rights of event organizers.

Tybee Island (Black Student Spring Break) - screenshot
Tybee Island (Black Student Spring Break clean-up) / screenshot

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