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Brian McKnight Responds After Labeling Biological Kids ‘Products of Sin’ | WATCH

Brian McKnight Responds To Backlash
ATLANTA, GA – JUNE 26: Brian Mcknight attends iHeart R&B Concert Series Featuring Brian McKnight on June 26, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/Getty Images)

*Brian McKnight is catching the eye of social media for reasons outside of his music. Instead of a new song, the 54-year-old crooner is attracting attention again for family drama.

This time, the drama finds McKnight favoring his new family over his biological children (sons Brian Kelly McKnight Jr. and Niko McKnight and daughter Briana McKnight), whom he labeled as “evil” and “products of sin.”

“In order to live a life that you love, you have to get rid of the evil and the negativity, even if that evil and negativity is related,” posted the singer, who shares Brian Jr. And Niko with ex-wife Julie McKnight and Briana with former flame Patricia Driver.

McKnight’s post is the latest in a series of developments involving his biological children. Over the past few months, the entertainer has publicly disowned his sons, according to Bossip. The estrangement came after the drama leaked onto social media after McKnight married his current wife, Leilani McKnight, in 2017. The “Back at One” vocalist is a father to two stepchildren, Julia and Jack McPhee. The couple followed their marriage with the arrival of their first son, Brian Kainoa Makoa Jr., in 2022.

The newest fuel to the fire came at the end of 2023, when the elder McKnight reignited talk of his biological kids after taking to Instagram to honor his stepdaughter, Julia, for earning her master’s degree.

“You have a daughter, I wonder how this post makes her feel,” a commenter posted.

This week, McKnight responded to the commenter via a “Weekly Replies” video he posted on Instagram. In the post, the “You Should Be Mine” singer referred to Julia as “my one and only daughter.”

“She feels great,” McKnight said about his stepdaughter while throwing some shade at his biologicals. “See, Julia understands the scripture Exodus 20:12, where it says, and I quote, ‘Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days be long upon the land…’ See, she honors us, and in turn, we honor her because she knows how proud of her we are.”

As for the “product of sin” remark, McKnight made sure folks knew he had no hand in raising his biological kids as they were brought up by his ex.

As expected, the entertainer was met with critical feedback from those voicing disappointment over him praising his stepdaughter while downing his naturally made offspring.

Scroll below for more reaction to McKnight’s latest comments on his kids via Ice Cream Conversations:

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