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Apple’s New Features Will Allow You To Control iPhone or iPad With Your Eyes

Woman hand holding iPhone 14 — Photo by prykhodov / Depositphotos

*Apple intends to roll out a new feature allowing users to control their iPhones and iPads with their eyes.

Apple announced that the “Eye Tracking” feature, designed for users with physical disabilities, will use Artificial Intelligence and won’t require additional hardware. It utilizes the front-facing camera to track a user’s eye movement as they navigate “through elements of an app.”

“We believe deeply in the transformative power of innovation to enrich lives,” CEO Tim Cook declared in the media release.

“We’re continuously pushing the boundaries of technology, and these new features reflect our long-standing commitment to delivering the best possible experience to all of our users.”

The release date for the “Eye Tracking” enhancement has not been announced, but The Verge reports that it’s “likely to debut in iOS and iPadOS,” which are slated for release this year, per The Post. 

Alanya, Turkey – September 20, 2023: Man hand holding iPad Air IOS 17 with widget on the home screen. iPad was created and developed by the Apple inc. / Depositphotos

Apple additionally unveiled a Music Haptics feature for users who are deaf or hard of hearing. Per the release, “Music Haptics is a new way for users who are deaf or hard of hearing to experience music on iPhone. With this accessibility feature turned on, the Taptic Engine in iPhone plays taps, textures, and refined vibrations to the audio of the music. Music Haptics works across millions of songs in the Apple Music catalog, and will be available as an API for developers to make music more accessible in their apps.”

“Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve speech recognition for millions of people with atypical speech, so we are thrilled that Apple is bringing these new accessibility features to consumers,” said Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, the Speech Accessibility Project at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s principal investigator.

“The Speech Accessibility Project was designed as a broad-based, community-supported effort to help companies and universities make speech recognition more robust and effective, and Apple is among the accessibility advocates who made the Speech Accessibility Project possible,” he added.

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