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Gayle King Points Out White Co-Host Had Day Off For Juneteenth – Candace Owens Says Juneteenth is ‘Ghetto’ + More | PicsVideos

Gayle King
NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 7: CBS Mornings Co-Host Gayle King broadcasts live from Times Square. (Photo by Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images)

*Webbies, hope you had enjoyed the holiday today, however, Gayle King pointed out that one of her white co-hosts on CBS Mornings was M.I.A, while she and her peers had to work on Juneteenth, a federal holiday. Fans were concerned Gayle may get pink-slipped for being so outspoken but be for real, that woman isn’t sweating any job when her main bestie is Oprah. However, one follower didn’t care for her quip, “That’s not funny. And I would’ve made that comment serious as hell. That’s the network’s way of subliminally slapping all three of y’all in the face. ????”

Candace Owens tweeted that Juneteenth is a made-up ghetto holiday; (takes a deep breath, folds hands in prayer, and whispers) ‘May the good Lord smite this charlatan with hemorrhoids, Amen.’

Zendaya enjoyed Juneteenth by engaging in the time-old tradition of line dancing at a family get-together. Z hit the requisite steps as she bounced to Beyoncé, belting out the rendition of the classic summer jam “Before I Let You Go,” originally sung by Frankie Beverly & Maze. Watch the video and see all the glorious Black joy!

IG comedian Jessie Woo had some words for wypipo, who had the caucasity not to clock in today for work due to Juneteenth. She switched between English and Haitian Creole, pointing and clapping to punctuate her admonishment of melanin deficit people taking part in a holiday not designated for them. Many of her followers resonate with her message, one user said, “DAWG, IM YELLING!!!!!!! It’s the genuine confusion. Like whatttttt is happening?!!!! A WHYTE MAN JUST TOLD ME HAPPY JUNETEENTH IN THE GROCERY STORE. Sir, EXCUSE ME?!” We are shaking our heads, the ancestors would not be pleased.

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