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Candace Owens Fires Back at Eminem After Being Dissed on His Latest Album | WATCH

Eminem - Depositphotos

*Candace Owens clapped back at Eminem after he dissed her on two separate tracks off his latest album, “The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce).” As Complex reports, on “Lucifer,” Em calls Owens a “tramp” and slams her for supporting former president Donald  Trump and promoting Kanye West’s “White Lives Matter” apparel.  In a […]

Cardi B Defends Pornography Following Candace Owens’ Call for a Ban

Cardi B (Andrew Kelly-Reuters)

*Cardi B is standing up for explicit material after Candace Owens suggested pornography should be outlawed entirely. In a May 21 tweet, Owens wrote, “Ban pornography. It is a psychological weapon intended to weaken our men.” Owens received some push back in the comments of her post, with one X user writing, “Banning porn is […]

The Daily Wire Secures Gag Order Against Candace Owens

candace owens

*Conservative news outlet “The Daily Wire” is said to have obtained a gag order against its former host, Candace Owens, allegedly without her awareness. The move came as the company was publicly negotiating to arrange a public debate between Owens and the outlet’s co-founder, Ben Shapiro, according to the Independent. We reported earlier that Owens […]

Sage Steele Replaces Candace Owens in New Daily Wire Animated Series

sage steele

*TV anchor Sage Steele has taken over the role previously held by Candace Owens in the voice cast of The Daily Wire’s forthcoming animated sitcom, “Mr. Birchum.” Deadline reports that Steele will play Deena in the series created by Adam Carolla. Owens was initially tapped to play the role, but she is no longer involved […]

Candace Owens Announces Conversion to Catholicism: ‘Going Home’

Candace Owens / Getty

*Candace Owens recently announced her conversion to Catholicism, describing it as a “decision to go home.” “There is of course so much more that went into this decision and that I plan to share in the future. But for now, praise be to God for His gentle, but relentless guiding of my heart toward Truth,” […]

Ben Shapiro Accepts Candace Owens’ Challenge to debate on Israel-Hamas war, Antisemitism

Candace Owens / Getty

*Controversial conservative commentator Candace Owens challenged her former Daily Wire colleague Ben Shaprio to a debate about the Israel-Hamas war and the current definition of antisemitism. Shapiro accepted the challenge, but Owens said she would not debate him on the Daily Wire platform. She also suggested a neutral moderator, such as Joe Rogan or Lex […]

Daily Wire CEO Slams Candace Owens for ‘Christ Is King’ Remark

Candace Owens - Getty

*Candace Owens’s former boss, Jeremy Boreing, the CEO of The Daily Wire, is speaking out about why the company parted ways with Owens after she used the phrase “Christ is King.” According to Boreing, who is Jewish, that phrase is anti-Semitic. The precise reasons behind Owens’ exit remain uncertain. However, her departure follows online harassment […]

Candace Owens Responds After Parting with Daily Wire: ‘I Am Finally Free’

Candace Owens / Getty

*Conservative Commentator Candace Owens has parted ways with “The Daily Wire” amid accusations that she pushed anti-Semitic rhetoric.  “The rumors are true— I am finally free,” Owens wrote Friday on X. “There will be many announcements in the weeks to come.” The precise reasons behind Owens’ exit remain uncertain. However, her departure follows online harassment […]

Candace Owens Investigates ‘Transgender’ Rumors About France’s First Lady | Watch

Candace Owens - Getty

*Candace Owens is convinced that France’s first lady, Brigitte Macron, is a man, and she has presented compelling receipts to support this theory.  Earlier this week, she dedicated much of her Daily Wire podcast to the controversy in an episode titled “The BIGGEST Political Scandal In Human History.” Brigitte has a couple of concerning issues […]

Conservatives Clash! Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro Spar Over Israel-Hamas Conflict | WATCH

Candace Owens / Getty

*The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro are sparring online after Shapiro took issue with Owens’ criticism of Israel amid the Hamas conflict.  Owens called Shapiro, a radical Jewish man and supporter of Israel, “emotionally unhinged” and “unprofessional”  after he was filmed calling Owens “disgraceful” for her “faux sophistication” on the conflict, Forbes reports.  […]

Candace Owens Slammed Over ‘Genocide’ Tweet Amid Israel-Hamas War

Candace Owens - Getty

*Candace Owens’ online commentary about the Israel-Hamas war is receiving support from pro-Palestinian social media users. On Friday, Owens wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “No government anywhere has a right to commit a genocide, ever. There is no justification for a genocide. I can’t believe this even needs to be said or is even considered […]

Candace Owens to Host ‘Convicting a Murderer’ Series | Watch Trailer

*Candace Owens will host a new series that unpacks the murder case of convicted criminal Steven Avery, whose story is the subject of a popular Netflix docuseries “Making a Murderer.” DailyWire+ released the official trailer and announced a September 8 release date for its hotly anticipated 10-part true crime series, “Convicting a Murderer.” The series […]