Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Baby Dove Aims to Close Maternal Care Gap with #DearDoula

Black Newborn Baby & Mom - Getty
Newborn and mom (Getty)

*Baby Dove has joined forces with a Brooklyn-based doula service to provide quality healthcare to Black mothers during pregnancy. 

Per press release, “By expanding the Black Birth Equity Fund, launching a new informative series called #DearDoula, and reinforcing existing strategic partnerships, Baby Dove further accelerates the effort to close the significant gap in care and health outcomes for Black mothers and their babies.”

“As a brand that encourages all parents to care with confidence, we are committed to making care for Black moms accessible and equitable,” says Neha Minj, Brand Director and Head of Operations & Engagement for Baby Dove. “Doulas can offer advocacy and support to Black birthing individuals who have not received the care they deserve. We are proud to extend our efforts and emphasize the important role they play in closing the maternal care gap, particularly with the support of our partners.”

The company’s new doula campaign is spearheaded by Ancient Song Doula Services co-founder, Chanel Porchia-Albert.

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Pregnant woman (cameo-profile) - via Zenger
Pregnant woman (cameo-profile) – via Zenger

Here’s more from the press release:

In partnership with Chanel Porchia-Albert, Founder of Ancient Song Doula Services & Co-Creator of JustBirth Space, #DearDoula expands the access to doula-provided advice and recommendations directly to moms. The ongoing content series will live across social media platforms and share answers to Black parents’ most common questions about pregnancy, labor & delivery, postpartum care and baby care directly from one of the country’s most trusted doula experts.

Baby Dove is doubling the investment into the Black Birth Equity Fund, for a total of $500,000. First created in August 2021, the Black Birth Equity Fund provides Black expecting mothers with immediate financial access to doula services. The Fund has offered grants to 200 moms and counting and can now reach twice as many by the end of 2022. Applications for direct, one-time grants up to $1,300 are available at

“Partnering with Baby Dove allows me to have a broader range and answer people’s questions,” Porchia-Albert told Essence during an interview, via MadameNoire. “And the Black Equity Fund is another way to help make doula services even more accessible to everyone.” 

“I am so excited to partner with Baby Dove to provide lifechanging positive guidance to Black women and birthing people,” said Chanel, per the press release. “The #DearDoula series will connect me with more moms, offer helpful information and educate them on the possibilities of doula care.”

Porchia-Albert noted the importance of doula care for expecting Black mothers.

“A doula comes in having the knowledge around medical procedures and understanding the language that is being spoken in the room,” she said. “There is a space of power and privilege that happens within the birthing room, and having a doula there allows for the centering of a person’s humanity and their voice. This prevents some of the things that may normally happen to women from happening.”

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