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Scientist Explains Reason Time Moves Faster As You Age

Clock (Unsplash)
Clock (Unsplash)

*Have you noticed that time seems to speed up as you get older? 

Scientists have several theories about why this is, with Psychology Today, noting that children’s brains “beat” faster than adult brains, thus allowing them to have more conscious experiences in a given unit of objective time. This, in turn, leads to the subjective passage of time moving more slowly for children than it does for adults,” the outlet writes. 

PerMSN, in his memoir, “Summer of a Dormouse,” written at the age of 75, the author John Mortimer noted: “In childhood, the afternoons spread out for years. For the old, the years flicker past like the briefest of afternoons. The playwright Christopher Fry, now ninety-three, told me that after the age of eighty you seem to be having breakfast every five minutes.”

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Here’s more from the report:

As noted by Psychology Today, one theory goes that our perception of time’s passing is inherently linked to the years we have lived inasmuch as the elder among us have a deeper bank of memories to draw upon.

To a five-year-old child, a single year feels incredibly long as it represents 20% of their life so far — more if we discount their infancy, which might not be remembered. To a person in old age, however, a year is a tiny fraction of the life they have lived.

Writing for Psychology Today, Clifford N. Lazarus Ph.D points to a 2019 paper by Professor Adrian Bejan, published in the European Review, which describes how more “actual time” passes between the arrival of each newly-created neural image. Bejan presents a series of scientific models which suggest the “​​perceived misalignment between mental-image time and clock time” in physics might be reflected in our common everyday perception that, yes, the slowing down of our neural processes might explain why those long summer months seem to become evermore shorter as the years roll on.

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