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Alfonso Ribeiro Rejects Requests From Fans Asking Him to Do Carlton Dance | VIDEO

Alfonso Ribeiro
Alfonso Ribeiro – Getty

*If you run into Alfonso Ribeiro in public, don’t ask him to the Carlton Dance for you because you might get your feelings hurt. 

“I’m a Black guy, I’m just not dancing for you. It’s not gonna happen,” the former “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star, 50, told Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday.

Ribeiro said he gets asked to do the signature dance move “every day of my life if I go outside.”

“What makes you think that you just gonna ask a random person to dance for you, and they’re gonna be like ‘Oh my God, I’ve been waiting for you to ask! Hold on a second, let me get into character,'” Ribeiro explained. “It’s not — I don’t get it. It’s not gonna happen.”

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Kimmel then suggested the actor must “wanna kill people” when they ask him to dance on cue. 

“You know, I won’t say kill, but I don’t have a love for it like they do, you know?” Ribeiro said. “I typically get asked to do the dance pretty much every day of my life if I go outside. If I go anywhere, it’s like, you know, I just randomly hear people, ‘Do the dance!’ And you’re like, ‘I’m…I’m not dancing for you, I’m a Black guy, I’m just not dancing for you. It’s not gonna happen.”

In 2018, Ribeiro took legal action against two video game developers for selling a dance popularized by his Carlton character without permission, TMZ reported.

In the lawsuits, Ribeiro said Fortnite developer Epic Games Inc., and Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., creator of the NBA 2K series, have “unfairly profited” from using his likeness and from exploiting his “protected creative expression.”

He ultimately dropped his lawsuits.

Scroll up to watch Riberio’s interview on Kimmel above.

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