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Kelly Rowland Drops New Kids’ Book: ‘Always with You’

Kelly Rowland (Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

*Kelly Rowland has released a new kids’ book titled “Always with You, Always with Me,” which she co-wrote with Jessica McKay.

The inspiration for the title comes from Rowland’s eldest son Titan, whom she often leaves surprise notes for in his lunchbox or at home anytime she has to travel for work. Per PEOPLE, the picture book is illustrated by Fanny Liem, and “follows a mom who has to travel to different construction sites for work, but stays connected to her son through a rhyme they share: “Always with you, / Always with me, / Mommy and child / Together we’ll be.” (She notes that the chorus was inspired by one of her favorite kids’ books growing up, Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.),” the outlet writes. 

Rowland tells the publication that it was “incredibly” important that her book features Black characters. 

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“Seeing a Black woman on a construction site and creating this world that she makes for others to enjoy, is just incredibly powerful,” she said. “Because kids can think bigger and broader when it comes to occupation.”

Rowland hopes the book will bring parents and their children closer. 

“I think that sometimes kids feel like adults don’t feel moments like that. They’re like, ‘Well, they’re on their trips, so do they miss me?’ ” she said. 

“Even though you say you miss them, it’s the action behind it that I think that children really appreciate, whether it’s a bracelet or something that you share between you that strengthens and fortifies the relationship,” Rowland added. “And that’s what makes it stronger and sweeter of a bond.”

Rowland hopes her book will be useful for her two sons anytime she is away from them. 

“I wanted them to understand that and really have it in their psyche,” Rowland says. “So, even when they’re having those moments of anxiety or missing their parents when they’re at school, they can recite it. [I hope] it gives them a sense of ease and comfort, especially when you do it together.”

She adds, “That sense of feeling warm and seen and heard is necessary.”

Speaking of the parent/child connection, Rowland recently reunited with her estranged father and documented the moment for social media. 


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Rowland opened up about the journey in a recent episode of “Today” with Hota Kotb. She was joined by her father, Christopher Lovett, who spoke about his attempts to have a relationship with his famous during a period when she wasn’t ready to meet him. The singer was raised by her mother and had “feelings of abandonment” due to her father’s absence. 

Rowland admits that she had a change of heart after the birth of her first son and that’s when she approached JAY-Z for advice. 

“He said, ‘Love is all about risk. You gotta decide if you’re gonna jump,’” the mother-of-two recalled. “‘You gonna jump?’ That’s what he asked me: ‘Are you gonna jump?’” 

Her answer was yes.

Rowland and her father eventually met at an Atlanta hotel and talked for hours. 

Watch their full TODAY show interview via the YouTube clip below.

Rowland’s “Always with You, Always with Me” book is available to purchase here.

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