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Ex-Cop Says Suge Knight Saved Bobby Brown from Murderous Drug Dealer [VIDEO]

bobby brown
Bobby Brown (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

*Before launching his infamous Death Row Records, Suge Knight worked as Bobby Brown’s bodyguard during the late 1980’s. 

According to I Love Old School Music, Bobby once had a hit placed on him and Suge stepped up to save the day. In an interview with Vlad TV, ex-LAPD officer Reggie White Jr. explained how Bobby’s non-payment of hefty cocaine purchase prompted a drug dealer to turn to some local gangstas to deal with the artist. 

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death row boss
Suge Knight in court / Getty

Here’s more from the outlet: 

Apparently, Bobby did not keep up with his bill and the drug dealer he purchased it from was ready to take the situation to the streets by placing a bounty on Bobby’s head. When asked about who put the hit out on Bobby at that time, Reggie Jr. stated: “Correct…some dudes from L.A. … But Bobby was on that- snorting that stuff- and he owed some drug money, some street money to somebody and Suge went and talked to the dudes and it (the ordered hit on Bobby) went away.”

Reggie Jr. said the hit was placed on Bobby while he was touring with Al B. Sure. The tour’s promoter, Al Haymon, is believed to have worked with Knight to resolve the issue with the drug dealer. 

“Knowing Suge and Al Hayman, they may have even gave them some money. It wasn’t like, he called and apologized, LOL…you know. Everybody got gangstas! And if you in the game like that, you got some hitters with you. That’s how the story goes,” said White.

White said Brown likely had the money to pay his drug debt but suggested that it may not have been paid on time. 

“Sometimes people don’t want your money, it’s about the respect. Sometimes ‘You done dissed me enough, to where I gotta do this to you’,” said White.

Back then, White said Knight was their “problem solver” and “our modern day Ray Donovan.

Watch White’s full interview with Vlad TV below:

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