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Womack Sisters Born Into Betrayal, Entanglement

Womack Sisters

*Meet the Womack Sisters… the offspring of Linda Cooke-Womack (Sam Cooke’s daughter) and Cecil Womack (Bobby Womack’s brother).

Late last year, Cooke’s teenage sweetheart Barbara Campbell Cooke died at age 85. Cooke was 18 and Barbara was 13 when they met on the South Side of Chicago. After Sam’s death in 1964, his widow went on to marry Sam’s protégé singer Bobby Womack. 

As reported by I Love Old School Music, Bobby had an affair with Linda Cooke (for which he got shot, but that’s another story) during his marriage. 

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The Womack Sisters’ parents, Linda Cooke-Womack (Sam Cooke’s daughter Bobby Womack’s former stepdaughter-turned-ex-girlfriend), and Cecil Womack (Bobby Womack’s brother)

Here’s more from the outlet:

Linda Cooke then breaks up with her stepfather-turned-boyfriend, Bobby Womack. Linda began dating Bobby’s BROTHER, Cecil Womack, whom she eventually married, taking on the name Linda Cooke-Womack. Linda and Cecil had seven children together….hence, you have The Womack Sisters!

The Womack Sisters are also the granddaughters of both Sam Cooke, and his — and Bobby Womack’s — ex-wife, Barbara Cooke. And their Mother’s ex-boyfriend is their uncle, Bobby Womack. 

And there you have it!

Womack died in 2014 at 70.

Barbara Cooke is survived by her daughter Linda (who now goes by the name Zeriiya Zekkariyas), another daughter, Tracey Cooke; her twin sister, Beverley Lopez; and a granddaughter.

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