Monday, July 4, 2022

Trevor Noah Speaks on Chappelle Controversy & Being Hated for Taking Over ‘The Daily Show’ | WATCH

Trevor Noah - 60 Mins
Trevor Noah

*On the (next) edition of “60 Minutes,” Trevor Noah sat down and spoke with Leslie Stahl. The comedian Trevor Noah, was asked about his thoughts on the controversy surrounding Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special “the closer” that had him trending for weeks.

Noah shared his thoughts on the special when asked if Dave Chappelle crossed the line?

“Did Dave Chappelle cross the line?” Noah asked. “Yes, no. It immediately puts me in a position where I have to choose a side when I think that the matter is a lot more complex than that. I think everybody is defining the line for themselves.”

Stahl disagreed that “society defines the line,” and Noah respectfully pushed back while elaborating on how “there is no line.”

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Wait! There’s more.

Speaking to Lesley Stahl, Trevor Noah was also candid about the negative response he received when he first took over “The Daily Show” from Jon Stewart, saying that he initially thought it was a “terrible” decision.

“Oh, I mean, everybody hated me,” the comedian says about his early days behind the desk of the late-night show.

“People didn’t even know me, and they hated the idea of me.”

Trevor Noah & Lesley Stahl (screenshot)
Trevor Noah & Lesley Stahl (screenshot)

Speaking of being hated on, later in the interview, Trevor also addressed the “hate” he was exposed to when he moved to America.

“You said it wasn’t until you came to the United States that real hate started coming at you,” Lesley said, to which the comedian answered: “Oh yeah, definitely.”

“There’s a lot of hate in America because there is a lot of anger in America,” Trevor explained, adding: “For me, I’m always trying to figure out how do I speak to somebody who hates me,” when questioned about how it has changed him.




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