Wednesday, October 20, 2021

NYSE’s Youngest Female Trader Launches Spotify Podcast, Urges Women To Talk About Money

Lauren Simmons
Lauren Simmons via Instagram

*Former New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) trader Lauren Simmons made history as the youngest full-time female trader and now she has launched a new podcast where she urges women to talk about money.

The new project, “Mind Body Wealth with Lauren Simmons,” premiered on September 29, with new episodes dropping exclusively on Spotify on Wednesdays.

Per Black Enterprise, Simmons became the second Black woman equity trader since the NYSE was established over two hundred years ago. Her story has inspired millions of women globally and Hollywood is reportedly producing a film about Simmons starring Kiersey Clemons.

“While I’m forever grateful for that opportunity and stepping stone, I appreciate it more so for the life experiences that it has lent me because truth be told, all that glitters isn’t always gold,” Simmons shared with Business Insider. “My life goal is to be part of a movement promoting change and giving minorities — whether women, people of color, or younger generations — the tools necessary to help forge their own paths to success.

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Simmons has also teamed with to debut the new digital series, Going Public, on October 19. The interactive series, per Black Enterprise, “will give diverse entrepreneurs a chance to pitch investors and become a publicly traded company,” the outlet writes. 

“Let’s not make money a taboo subject. Let’s be open about compensation and what we’re currently getting paid. That is what moves the needle,” Simmons shared with NBC News. “This hush-hush society that we live in when talking about personal finances is weird to me. I have very open conversations with everyone about salary and how much I’m making and the deals that haven’t gone well, and hopefully, that can inspire people to do better.”

Simmons’ uses her Mind Body Wealth podcast to share her money insights “to empower the next generation.”

“I felt it was more rewarding for me to empower the next generation when it came to finances than for me to become a product of a company,” Simmons told Know Your Value. “And here I am. We are 100 percent going to change the narrative.”

She adds, “People can talk about sex, politics and so many taboo subjects, but people are so hesitant to talk about money. You need to know, ‘what is your relationship with money?’ It’s one of the most instrumental things if you want to change your financial circumstances.”

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