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Drama! Karen Civil Admits to Hiring A Hacker to Take Down HollywoodUnlocked IG Page | VIDEO

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*Last Night (09-18-21) #KarenCivil joined a conversation on #ClubHouse and addressed all her detractors.

Civil has been the target of several accusations of shady business dealings this week after social media influencer #JessieWoo, put the brand strategist on blast and revealed her involvement in a lawsuit against Karen.

On Saturday evening, a ClubHouse chat room was made to talk about all the drama surrounding her, and Karen eventually joined in.

During the heated conversation, Civil admitted to “getting her hands dirty” and hiring a 17-year-old hacker to get HU’s Instagram page taken down.

Karen confirmed Jason’s claims, telling the CH room, “He’s absolutely right in a certain sense.”

“Yeah this kid is a hacker and yeah Jason… you playing this game, yeah I hit this n*gga,” she told listeners.

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Jason Lee (screenshot)

Civil went on to say, “nobody promised this n*gga $20K. Nobody promised him a rap career or nothing like that. He decided to double back and tell you some stuff — Jason called me about it. I admitted it to Jason, I apologized to Jason,” she explained.

After her admission, Jason Lee tweeted that he would take legal action, “Karen Civil needs to be in jail and yes, with the confession we will be seeking all legal and prosecutorial remedies available under every law. #OliviaPopeNeverAdmittedHerDirt.”

On Sunday morning, the Clubhouse discussion titled “Jason Lee Sending Karen Civil To Jail” continued and Jason Lee hopped back on. Jason revealed that he lost a “serious line of revenue” and spent $300,000 to get his page back because he refused to take down a post about someone else accusing Karen of stealing money from them.

“I could sit here all morning and I could say my piece, I’m the one who paid $300,000 to get my page back…I’m the one who had their page takedown, I’m the one that had to deal with 9 employees, who I had to make sure I kept their jobs intact when we lost our Instagram and we lost a serious line of revenue. I’m a black employer that employs several black …..to read the rest log on to BallerAlert.com (clickable link on profile)

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Check out Jason Lee’s thoroughly pissed off reaction:


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