Monday, July 4, 2022

Kimberly Wilson’s HUED: Culturally Competent Doctors At Your Finger Tips

Kimberly Wilson (HUED)
Kimberly Wilson, Founder and CEO of HUED (Credit: Wilson)

*HUED Founder and CEO Kimberly Wilson has to be over the moon right now as news comes via press release that her company is about to take it to the next level.

“Embarking on such a bold mission to reimagine the healthcare system for communities of color is no easy feat,” said Wilson, Founder and CEO of HUED in a press release. “It’s incredible to have received the support of incredible investors, such as Female Founders Fund, to further our mission to empower and train healthcare workers on anti-racist practices, implicit bias, and providing culturally sensitive care for Black and Latinx populations.”

The company calls demographic and medical providers information to match providers with patient’s insurance companies. The site also gives patients access to reviews about specific healthcare providers as well, Afrotech reports.

Black and brown frustration, fear and anxiousness over adequate healthcare is a real phenomenon.

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Black Doctor1 (iStock)
African American doctor and patient (iStock)

“Nobody is going to take care of us, but us,” Wilson said. “Research shows that people of color are not getting the health and medical care they need because of fear, access to quality healthcare and distrust of doctors. But more importantly, our pain and traumas are being dismissed.”

Wilson was moved to action by her own healthcare scare with severe pain from fibroids. Her doctors, mostly white men, dismissed her pain.

“During that time I saw a lot of doctors — mostly white men — who either dismissed my pain or tried to push me down the route of a hysterectomy,” she recalled.

HEUD just wrapped a round of investment netted such investors as The Female Founders Fund, Serena Ventures, Osage Venture Partners, Northwestern Mutual, Black Founders Matter, Gingerbread Capital, and angel investor and health industry leader, Halle Tecco.

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