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Black Woman Calls Out Wi Spa in LA for Allowing Naked Men to Traumatize Women, Little Girls [VIDEO]

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*A woman inside a LA spa recorded the moment she called out the staffers for allowing a man to walk around with his penis exposed, claiming he’s a woman. 

As reported by, spa workers argued that the ‘man’ was allowed into the women’s section because of his “sexual orientation.”

More disturbing scenes like this will continue to play out across the nation as the transgender community continues to wage war against God, nature, and reality. 

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The unnamed woman in the viral video shared on Instagram has alleged that a spa in Los Angeles, California, allowed a ‘man’ to walk around while exposing his penis, in the women’s section. However, when the woman confronted the staff members of the WI spa after being traumatized to see the naked ‘man’ roaming around while minor girls were also around, they defended him. A worker seen in the video allegedly told the woman that the unidentified ‘man’ was permitted inside the spa because of his “sexual orientation.” But the woman questioned, “what sexual orientation” and repeated that he’s not a female.

Watch the moment via the clip below. Supporters of the LGTBQIAP+ community have decided that this type of behavior is normal and if you don’t accept it then you’re anti-trans.

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A soy boy (weak male) is seen in the video trying to defend the naked male, saying he might be a transgender woman. The firey woman clapped back by stating there’s no such thing as transgender as the man “had a dick, he has a penis hanging out.” 

The woman continued, “I have a right to feel comfortable without a man exposing himself,” she stated adding, “that’s traumatizing to see that.” The man then appeared to say sorry, to which the woman replied, “Ya, you are sorry, you should be, sweety.”

The three-minute clip video was shared on social media on June 26, and the caption read, “Naked man allowed in women’s Day Spa in Los Angeles Boycott Wi Spa!!! Everyone call Wi Spa and complain! (213) 487-2700 @cubanaangel.” 

The woman has received a lot of support online. 

One person who shared the clip on Twitter wrote, “A real man would stand up for women against perverts, not silence women who are trying to protect themselves.”

Another added, “Yeah…this is going too far here. I’m siding w/ the woman here. The risk of my daughter seeing a grown man’s genitals in a Korean spa & being traumatized is not something I’m okay w/. It’s not about left vs right. This is about women having their their privacy as women w/ women.”

While Wi Spa is used by both men and women, they make no mention on the website that women will be subjected to looking at penis.

WI Spa

In the comments of the clip shared on Instagram, a user wrote “I’m on love! You go girl. I love how all these powerful women are standing up all across our country.”

Another said, “You go girl. I love how all these powerful women are standing up all across our country.” A third added, “First off I want to say to this brave woman 👏👏👏👏👏👏 secondly, this scares the living 💩 out of me, knowing that something like this might happen when I take my children to the restroom.”

A comment on the original video post read, “When she mentioned women’s right you can see him glitch 😂 can’t stand for protecting women when you let a man call himself one and expose himself!” 

Another user wrote, “More women need to push back on these types of infractions. Keep up the fight.” 

And yet another person annoyed by this level of perversion added, “what’s sad is all those weak men that stood there and didn’t speak out for the women. But tried to help her process that maybe he/she was Trans. wth?! How about just no. it’s wrong.” 

“This is the kind of brain damaged BS that America is trying to normalize. And then the little frail soy boy coming up defending the perp,” a user stated.

One Twitter user commented,  “@WiSpa_USA this ish is going to pedophilia shame on you for having grown men playing dress up allowed in a all women location with minors. Shame on you and the California govt.” Another wrote: “The Olympic games, the woman at the Wi Spa, girls sports being invaded, these are all watershed moments. These are being shared, and are hard to ignore.” The third one drew a new line: “Wi Spa should have a transgender section then.”

“This is the logical conclusion of believing in gender woo woo and pitting those who disagree as bigots, reality and common decency, and women’s dignity out the window. They were warned,” another user tweeted.

Do you agree with the outrage? Sound off in the comments.

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