Monday, May 23, 2022

‘Take Yo’ Ass Up There!’: Minn. Protester Has No Time for CNN’s Sara Sidner (Watch)

sara sidner confronted by minn protester
Sara Sidner in heated exchange with Minn. protester (CNN)

*CNN’s Sara Sidner, the network’s go-to correspondent for uprisings, was dispatched Sunday to cover unrest over the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright in a Minneapolis suburb. Not everyone welcomed her presence.

Sidner was in the middle of a live report when a man began mimicking her words and waving her off, saying, “Yall be twisting up the story.”

“You wanna talk to me?” Sidner asked him. He nodded and began reaching for her microphone.

“Don’t take my mic. Don’t take my mic,” she responded. She asked him his name.

“What’s my name? My name is my name,” he snapped back, arms crossed.

Asked what he thought of the protests, he pointed to the media cameras behind CNN’s live shot and told Sidner, “All the press, all the extra sh*t y’all do, makes this worse!”

Meanwhile flash bangs are going off like firecrackers closely behind them. Sidner expressed concern for his safety, saying calmly, “I want you to be careful.”

“Of what? Do it look like I’m scared? … Ya’ll need to get up out of here with all that twisting up the media-ass sh*t.”

Sidner said: “You don’t know me, but we’re gonna get to know each other.”

That prompted a back and forth, with Sidner asking to exchange numbers so that she could talk to him about his concerns. The brother wanted absolutely no part of that.

“Talk about something that’s real! Yall just gonna edit out the sh*t…”

“No, we’re live!” Sidner yelled.

Using more expletives, he denied that CNN was live at the moment, pointed toward the Brooklyn Center police station n the distance and asked that CNN “Take that camera all the way the f**k up there, then! …Yall doing all this extra sh*t for the backhand sh*t to make people look all crazy.”

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