Sunday, March 7, 2021

‘Black is Beautiful’ Single Celebrates Black History Month!

*Atlanta, GA – With the single, “Black is Beautiful,” singer J. Morris is helping elevate black history education within this country. The song is part of a greater project titled ‘Black History: 365’, which was launched on February 5th and hit #7 on Amazon Music and #8 on iTunes in its first 24 hours. J. Morris is known for songs like ‘Scared of Us’ and ‘Money Motivation’, now his ‘Black is Beautiful’ single is on the path to become part of the fabric celebrating black history.

“Being a contributor to the Black History 365 album has been a dream come true. Ever since grade school I’ve always yearned and desired to learn more about my people and where I come from. Now, as an adult to be a vessel used to educate and uplift via song, is undeniably satisfying,” said J. Morris. “Black is beautiful is more than just a statement, it’s more than just a song, it’s a mantra that gives me strength in a world that constantly tells us the opposite. Too dark, too light, hairs too nappy, lips too big, nose too wide, you can’t possibly be educated, have discipline, deal with conflict in a non-violent fashion or maintain wealth by honest means. Black is beautiful punches those disrespectful stereotypes right in the mouth. We are to be celebrated! We will celebrate! Our time is here to reconcile with history in sobriety with clear intent.”

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J Morris
J. Morris

Morris is a pillar within the music industry. His sound is unique and his ability to entertain goes without question. Born in Georgia and raised in Virginia, J. Morris has used his life experience and adversity, such as being held up at gun point by a military superior his first week home from deployment to create music that is meaningful. Music is his life’s calling and his salvation, as well as his main God-given gift.

“We believe Black is Beautiful is another way to help traditional and streaming radio stations not only give music lovers what they want but provide a way to help people better understand black history. The challenges and the wins of our history should be not only celebrated but preserved in time with efforts, such as cementing a song – which J. Morris did,” said publicist Tonya L. Moore.

‘Black is Beautiful’ can be heard as part of the Black History 365 project. The Album is a compilation of hip-hop tracks produced by Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer, Kevin “Khao” Cates, who is a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer. His resume includes producing music for major acts including T.I., Ludacris, Pharrell, and Snoop Dogg. ‘Black is Beautiful’ can be found on iTunes or by clicking here:
source: Tonya L. Moore TLM Public Relations



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