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New ’90 Day Fiance’ Game Show ‘Love Games’ Coming to Discovery+ / WATCH

*The “90 Day Fiancé” franchise is expanding. The latest entry to the universe, a game show! “Love Games” is dropping on February 8 on Discovery+. The new streaming service features shows from TLC, Discovery Channel, HGTV, and the Food Network.

“Love Games” brings together 24 of your favorite couples to face off in the “ultimate bragging rights” competition to see which couple knows each other best.

The couples include some fan favorites, couples you haven’t seen in a long time, and someone’s mother. Couples featured on the show include Elizabeth & Andrei, Robert & Anny, Steven & Olga, Larissa & Eric, Blake & Jasmin, Rachel & Jon, Alan & Kirlyam, Stacey & Florian, Kalani & Asuelu, Russ & Pao, Larry & Jenny, Tiffany & Ronald, Anna & Mursel, Kyle & Noon, Angela & Michael, Colt & Debbie, Brett & Daya, Evelyn & David, Darcey & Georgi, Benjamin & Akinyi, Tania & Syngin, Emily & Sasha, Corey & Evelin, and David & Annie.

Think of the old school “Newlyweds” game show with a modern-day twist. this show isn’t holding back with the questions.

Emmy Award winner Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan (TLC’s “Finding Love Live”) is the host of the show. She spoke with EURweb correspondent Jill Munroe about what fans can expect this season.

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“I think “Love Games” is the perfect combination for the 90 day Universe and all the fans. It’s a game show, I’ll be asking questions and they get to play for points. That is interesting in itself. You know when you’re trying to win something, sometimes you see sides of people that you might not necessarily be so happy to show, but like all of the things in the 90 Day universe, we show the real deal. It’s a lot of fun because it’s funny, sometimes it can get awkward, other times it’s pure magic … it’s so delicious, I think viewers will understand why this was the next step. Because it’s on Discovery+ with “90 Days Bare All” and “90 Day Diaries,” it’s just another nuanced aspect of all the couples that we have fallen in love with. We get to share their stories about where they are right now.

The elimination-style game includes three preliminary rounds of questions before the finals. Suki breaks down how that plays out:

“It’s elimination-style right off the bat. The claws come out, we go to battle. Round 1 features three couples go head to head, with the winner going straight to the semi-finals. The second-place couple will go to the wild card round. And the third couple gets eliminated. That’s the process for round 1.

“Round 2 is the wild card round where the winner makes it to the semi-final round. They go at it again, more points, more drama, more magic, and fun. That’s sprinkled into the 90 Day Cup trophy which is winner take all.  

“It’s a lot of fences that they have to jump through. And like all shows, how well do you know your partner? You think you know them, but you really don’t know them until you start asking questions. Then you’re arguing again or disagreeing with the answer. Or you’re kissing and making up.”

What couple will we be surprised by?

“I think you will be surprised by Russ and Pao and how they are working on their relationship. You’ll be surprised to see how evolved Russ has become and how influenced by his love for Pao and their son. Corey and Evelin are adorable. David and Annie, you’ll see how Annie just truly loves David. She adores David. Even though sometimes you don’t understand what the heck Annie is saying, you still understand it. Because he’s laughing and then they are talking about “boom boom,” it’s a full-circle moment where everyone in the room is laughing, wondering why we were talking about this, but now we’re ending up in bed with David and Annie again.”

For the couples who have faced distance, meddling in-laws plus cultural and language barriers, it sounds like a piece of cake right? Expect a few bruised egos, juicy secrets, and couple alliances, all to get that top spot.

“Love Games” was self-shot by the couples competing remotely from their respective homes.



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