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How to Make a Right Moving Floor Plan

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*Moving needs a lot of planning and effort. It is a complex process that includes many tasks. When we think of moving, we think of packing, transporting, and unpacking but this is not all. While moving, you will go through an endless number of tasks. These tasks do not seem of high priority but if you think deep, they are important. The floor plan is also one of those taken for granted tasks.

Planning your after-move tasks is very important that includes unpacking, sorting, and organizing your stuff at your new place. The top-rated cross country movers at Movingapt always advise to plan out the placing of your furniture at your new house. Planning the placement of your furniture in advance will make your after-move a lot easier. It will help you in deciding what furniture pieces you want to take along. Making a floor plan needs an understanding of your furniture and measurements of your new house.

Moving all the furniture that you own is not only demanding but is expensive too. Once you know if your furniture will not fit at your new house then you can sell or donate that furniture beforehand.

Here are some tips to understand before making a reliable floor plan:

Taking Accurate Measurements is the Key

Taking accurate measurements of every corner of your new house is very important to know which furniture piece will fit in which corner. These measurements will also help you to decide the placement of furniture according to the size of the wall.

It is also advisable to note down the placement of all the electrical outlets, light switches, cables, heating vents, and ceiling lights. Knowledge of these points will help your movers in placing your things at the right place.

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Create a Chart

Creating a chart of your new house will be a fun project for which all you will need is a metal measuring tape, graph paper, and a pencil. Now, measure each wall of the house properly and for the most accurate measurements, keep the tape as close to the wall as possible. For having the right measurements of windows, measure the outer edges of the windows.

Scale your graph paper properly so that you can fit your measurements on it. It is best to use two squares on graph paper to represent ½ an inch that will represent one foot in the room. The next step is to measure your furniture accurately. Measure each furniture piece from all sides.

You can use colored papers for representing different furniture pieces and can cut these papers in right-sized shapes. These colored papers will represent the furniture and you can move them on the graph paper to see where they fit.

Other Items that Needs to be Considered While Making a Moving Floor Plan

Although the furniture is the most important part to be considered while making a moving floor plan but there are other items too. These items may include rugs, big décor items, wall pictures, and indoor plants.

It is better to assign a place for items like coffee-maker and silverware in your kitchen well in advance. For this, you will need to know the placement of electrical points and heating vents in the kitchen. Write down all the placements on paper as this will help your movers to place things in the right place.

It is a good idea to make this moving floor plan well in advance so that you can hand it over to your residential movers on their arrival. Get enough copies of your moving floor plan to give to each member of the moving company. This moving plan will help both you and your movers and will ensure that everything will go in the right place. A good moving floor plan helps a mover in saving time and avoiding any mess at the time of moving and settling at your new house.

Hiring the right moving company:

Residential moves are complicated and hence having the right moving company working with you is very important. Sadly, finding the best movers is not as easy as it may sound. You will have to be thorough with your research and ensure that you find the most reliable movers. Before you sign the black line of the contact, make sure you check the following specifications of a moving company:

  1. Is the company licensed, insured and bonded?
  2. Do they have experience in handling a residential relocation project like yours?
  3. Are they registered with BBB?
  4. Does the moving company has positive reviews and ratings?
  5. Is the moving company ready to share references?
  6. Are their prices negotiable?

Once you have thoroughly checked the moving company, you can rest assured that the movers will handle your move with full efficiency and ensure complete success.




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