Thursday, October 6, 2022

Footage of Deadly Capitol Chaos Supports Theory Siege Was an ‘Inside Job’ [WATCH]

*More videos have emerged from the Jan. 6 Stop the Steal riots in the U.S. Capitol, and the disturbing footage shows Capitol police appear to be down with the siege. 

In one clip, however, a lone MAGA man questions why the cops are letting it happen, and why they haven’t called for backup, but as noted ny TMZ, the officers don’t seem to respond to him. Check out the moment via the clip above. 

Here’s more from TMZ

The whole thing is pretty ironic — a clear Trump supporter right in the thick of the action denouncing the act of breaching the premises. We’ll say this … he does seem to rejoin the mob as the video ends, but we have no way of knowing if he actually went inside the Capitol.

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Meanwhile, evidence is mounting that the attack on the Capitol was an inside job. We previously reproted… in the aftermath of the deadly event, the Capitol Police Chief resigned and multiple suspensions and firings have taken place, per TMZ.

As reported by MSN, “more than 30 House Democrats sent a letter to the acting House sergeant-at-arms,” calling for an investigation into the “suspicious” visitors inside the Capitol building the day before the attack. Some of the individuals from these suspected terrorist groups later appeared connected with attack on Jan. 6. 

Several military veterans signed the letter and noted that they are “trained to recognize suspicious activity.” 

“This is unusual for several reasons,” the letter continues, “including the fact that access to the Capitol Complex has been restricted since public tours ended in March due to the pandemic,” prompting top staff to question the sergeant-at-arms about the activity that same day.

“The visitors encountered by some of the Members of Congress on this letter appeared to be associated with the rally at the White House the following day,” the members wrote, adding: “Members of the group that attacked the Capitol seemed to have an unusually detailed knowledge of the layout of the Capitol Complex. The presence of these groups within the Capitol Complex was indeed suspicious.”

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