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‘Ready To Love’ … Love is Calling: Season 3 Finale’ Review / WATCH

*There were five cast members left standing in the final episode. And that’s one person too many. That means one of them would have to kick rocks and walk away solo. Anthony and Wynter already had boo’d up. That left Adriana- aka Pop tart – as the woman in the middle of a love triangle. Did she choose old reliable Rashid or did she choose King Khalfani, the rooster of the resort!? 

Before we get to Pop Tart’s dramatic decision, let’s break down Wynter and Anthony’s relationship. Wynter’s sister, Kisha, arrived at the resort to meet Anthony. She quizzed him about why he liked her sister and if he ever had been in love. Anthony had to admit (again) he never has been in love, he said because of his focus on building his sports career. But after moving on from sports he said he is looking to settle down with one woman. 

Anthony introduced Wynter to his sister. She and Wynter seemed to hit it off. His sister confirmed Anthony hasn’t been in a hurry to settle into a relationship, but it’s not for lack of having female friends. His sister said he knows he likes Wynter, because he never introduces her to any of his other friends. 

Even though I find it hard to understand how a grown man over 30 hasn’t been in love – because it’s one of the cycles of life nearly everyone experiences before 30 – I appreciate him being honest about his feelings and not rushing into anything just to please prospective love interests. 

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Wynter said she had kissed a lot of frogs and she feels Anthony is her Prince! Her optimism sounds suspect or she’s delusional, because just a few episodes ago Wynter was tried to woo Jay away from Joy. And she said Anthony wasn’t serious-enough for her. I agree Anthony doesn’t come across as the ‘wine and dine’ type. He seems to prefer the friends with benefits version of dating. So I’m not sure how happy Wynter will be with Anthony, but I wish them well. 

When it comes to relationships women in general and Wynter in particular should not play the role of a wife or committed partner if the man has not committed to her. 

Turning to the love triangle: Khalfani introduced Adriana to his parents. During lunch at the resort they quizzed her concerning her interest in their son and if she is willing to take on a parenting role with Khalfani’s daughter. In the end, his parents said Pop Tart seemed sincere and they gave Khalfani their blessing to move forward with Adriana. 

Rashid was supposed to invite his sister to meet Adriana in person, but after he still couldn’t get Adriana to claim him as her top choice over Khalfani, Rashid didn’t want to waste his sister’s time and I don’t blame him. Instead, Rashid Face-timed his sister for advice. She agreed it would be a waste of time to go through family introductions without both of them being on the same page. Rashid’s said he is okay with courting a woman, but not chasing a woman. 

Just as Rashid was about to tell Adriana he was going to walk away from the drama and self-eliminate, she invited him to meet her father. That gave Rashid renewed hope and he decided to stay. 

Having your father show up to meet the men who want to be number one in his daughter’s life is a good move for any woman. When a man has to go through the patriarch of the family to impress him first before he dates a woman, it confirms she is a prize who is loved. And it sets the tone that there will be consequences for treating her badly.

That’s why so many women end up in relationships with the wrong type of men. They have no patriarch figure in their lives to stand up as a protector and defender. Women should always require her male suitor(s) to meet the men in her life whether it’s her father, uncle, brother or cousins. 

Adriana’s father who is a therapist. He asked probing questions of both suitors. In the end, Adriana’s father told her he liked both men, but one of them impressed him more than the other. To find who Adriana chose and why, click on the video above for more details.

In the meantime next week is the first episode of the season 3 reunion. Uncle Tommy and all the cast members from season 3 will be together again. We’ll find out who is still together, who couldn’t stand each other and who was pregnant during the taping of the show and possibly trying to trap a man into being her baby’s daddy. 

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