Monday, April 19, 2021

Celebrate Kwanzaa with New Podcast: Kwanzaa Time! With Aunti Oni

*ABF Creative’s newest podcast, Kwanzaa Time!, is a way for families to connect back to Kwanzaa this week. These short episodes are intended to assist youth of ALL races in learning valuable lessons that will live with them forever.

Through a collective of diverse stories originally passed down through generations, family celebrations, and community gatherings, Kwanzaa Time! reminds us of the true meaning of this holiday season — love, compassion and family. These historic tales told with a new twist, are crafted to entertain the youth while honoring African heritage.

The Kwanzaa Time! podcast series puts a modern spin on traditional Kwanzaa stories, intended to assist young people in learning valuable lessons that will live with them forever.
Kwanzaa Time! is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts. For more information, visit

About the Storyteller:
Oni Lasana is an international professional Storyteller, Spoken Word Poet, Cultural Consultant, an advocate for Arts in Education and Intergenerational Storytelling. As a multi-disciplinary Teaching and Performing artist, she stepped into the world of storytelling through her expertise in interpreting the spoken word poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Oni is a member of the National Association of Black Storytellers, National Storytelling Network, Keepers Of The Culture, Philadelphia’s Afrocentric Storytelling Group, North East Story Tellers, and Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild.

With a background in radio and children’s theater, Oni has come full circle and is thrilled to be associated with ABF Creative, Inc. children’s slate of programming. Oni Lasana’s uplifting, edutainment storytelling programs have taken her throughout the USA, Germany, Zimbabwe, and where she also resides, Trinidad & Tobago.

For more information on her offerings, please visit her website;



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