Sunday, October 24, 2021

Letitia Wright & Malachi Kirby, Stars in New Film as the ‘Mangrove Nine’ – EUR Exclusive/Watch

*The new film “Mangrove” tells the story of the “Mangrove 9,” a group of British black activists who were tried for provoking riots during a protest in 1970.

“Black Panther” star Letitia Wright plays the role of Altheia Jones-Le Cointe, a Trinidadian physician and research scientist and also leader in the British Black Panther Movement.

“I can’t describe this woman in one word. I would just say extraordinary because she made a difference where she was. She’s the everyday woman. She made a difference when she was in university studying biochemistry. She made a difference to stand up against people who wanted to come into the school.”

The film takes us through the powerful trial and shows racial tensions between Britain police and Black activists. It comes at a critical time as racial tensions and protests are growing across the world currently.

“These aren’t new issues. I think that’s why the world hasn’t exploded in the way that it should under this conversation because it’s been happening and we’re still having the conversation. We didn’t know it would be this relevant in the way that it is now,” says fellow actor Malachi Kirby.

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Letitia Wright - bullhorn - Mangrove
Letitia Wright in ‘Mangrove’

Both Kirby and Wright we’re more than able to tap into their character roles as Altheia and Darcus Howe. From the Trinidadian dialects to passion on set, both actors agreed they wanted the experience to be exuberant. Kirby says:

“Every day was a celebration. Letitia Wright is like my little sister. Before we started this project, when we were in rehearsals, we came together and we prayed. We were like what is it about this project? What do we need to bring to this? And the word that came to us separately was a ‘joy.'”

“Mangrove” was directed by Steve McQueen. The film is a part of Amazon studios’ five-part series “Small Axe” and is set to debut on November 20, 2020 on Amazon Prime.




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