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The Congressional Black Caucus Unveils Policy Agenda to Advance Black Families



Congressional Black Caucus logo

Congressional Black Caucus logo

* Washington, D.C. – Today, Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), unveiled the second edition of the Jobs and Justice Act. The comprehensive legislation developed by the Congressional Black Caucus is aimed at increasing the upward mobility of Black families in America. The bill was first introduced in 2018 by then-CBC Chair Cedric Richmond (LA-02).

The Jobs and Justice Act of 2020 is a package of over 200 bills championed by members of the CBC. This omnibus bill addresses a wide range of issues, from community and economic development, and educational opportunities, to health disparities, environmental justice and comprehensive criminal justice reform. It is a bold proposal to advance Black families in the 21st Century.

At a time when COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted Black communities in many different ways, it is imperative that the Jobs and Justice Act serves as a holistic response for Black America to not only survive the pandemic, but thrive after it ends.

“When we developed the Jobs and Justice Act of 2020, we knew that Black America was going to need policies that not only solved the imminent issues but addressed the long-term impact of COVID-19 on our community, said Rep. Karen Bass (CA-37), Chair, Congressional Black Caucus. I am proud to present the second edition of the Jobs and Justice Act, which is a direct response to critical issue areas including the short term and long-term impact of COVID-19. Since 1971, the CBC has been a voice in Congress for the African-American community and in a year where the stakes are extremely high for Black Americans, we encourage lawmakers to support the provisions in this bill.”

2020 is an historic year for the Black community with a series of existential threats we never could have imagined: Widespread voter suppression efforts, including the undermining of our election by the President and his administration; a purposefully undercounted Census; a global pandemic disproportionately impacting Black people; an epidemic of police brutality; and emboldened White supremacists.

The CBC is fighting for public policies that advance the human rights, civil rights, and economic rights of Black Americans. That’s why we are pleased to introduce the Jobs and Justice Act of 2020. This package reflects the legislative priorities of the Caucus.

Some of the provisions of the bill include:

  • Robust funding to combat the COVID-19 pandemic through targeted contact tracing, testing, and treatment, along with research and data.
  • Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
  • $7.5 billion for investments in transportation infrastructure through the successful “TIGER” program, which provides grants to local governments to fund innovative highway, bridge, and transit projects.
  • $7.5 billion to help specifically upgrade water infrastructure and ensure clean drinking water for families.
  • Encourages government contractors on infrastructure projects to actively recruit, hire, and provide on-the-job training to African-Americans ages 18 to 39 through existing jobs, apprenticeships, and “earn while you learn” programs.
  • Provides the Minority Business Development Agency, the only federal agency dedicated to supporting Black businesses, with statutory authorization. This means more access to capital, contracts and markets.
  • Expands the grants for HBCUs to help with acquiring the technological resources needed to continue offering competitive academic programs in the STEM field.
  • Establishes “baby bonds” to give every American child a seed savings account of $1,000 at birth to aid with long term savings goals.
  • Incentivizes food service providers such as grocers, retailers, and nonprofits to help eradicate food deserts, which disproportionately impacts communities of color.

The Jobs and Justice Act of 2020 reflects solution-oriented policies to enhance the livelihood of Black people in America. As the “Conscience of the Congress,” the Jobs and Justice Act of 2020 reflects solution-oriented policies to enhance the livelihood of Black people in America. The CBC will continue to fight for legislative policies for our communities.

Section by Section Summary of the Jobs and Justice Act of 2020, click here.







Toyin Awesu, Director of Communications
E: [email protected]

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Abby Phillip of CNN: A Next-Gen Star is Born



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Abby D. Phillips (Twitter)

Abby D. Phillip (Twitter)

*In this age of fast-talking and often overbearing television news correspondents, many have been in the business far longer than CNN’s Abby Phillip.  Yet Philip, 31, is a breath of fresh air.

During the recent presidential election night coverage, and the days that followed, more people turned to CNN than any other news outlet, to get their information about the historic election.

What viewers witnessed was a strong team of correspondents, with Phillip at center stage.  She has been touted for presenting journalistic brilliance, rooted in deep perspectives and wisdom of the political landscape.  Phillip was superbly praised, especially when she talked about the role Black women played in the presidential election.

“For Black women, this has been really a proving moment for their political strength, in carrying Joe Biden to the Democratic nomination through the primary,” Phillip told the NY Times.

And even before Biden’s win, Phillip predicted the former vice president would become president-elect.

“Not only would Black Women put Joe Biden in the White House,” Phillip said on the air. “but they would also put a Black woman in the White House as well.  And while Donald Trump’s political career began with the racist birther lie, it may very well end with a Black woman in the White House.”

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While what Phillip said on the air is profound, it’s just as important how she said it.  Phillip is methodic in her vocal delivery, with a cadence and inflection in her voice that draw viewers to her solemn and insightful take on an array of political topics.

Born in Virginia and raised in Bowie, Maryland to parents from Trinidad and Tobago, Phillip ultimately graduated from Harvard College with a bachelor’s degree in government.  After working at ABC News and the Washington Post, CNN hired Phillip in 2017 as a political news analyst.

While she has been a valued news analyst and contributor on many segments at CNN since joining the popular cable outlet, her star began to rise exponentially after she was chosen to help anchor the coverage of the 2020 Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention.  The ultimate shine on the star came when CNN’s executive producers tapped her to be a major political contributor on election night, which has been called the most important election in American history.

“I was excited, but I was stressed,” Phillip said.  “I knew it was a big deal.”


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Doctor Dre: Former ‘Yo! MTV Raps’ Host Loses Leg to Diabetes / VIDEO



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Andre ‘Dr. Dre’ Brown

*The other “Dr. Dre,” Andre Brown, of “Yo! MTV Raps” fame, has been hit with another setback to his health.

Brown, 56, who’s been battling diabetes for years recently announced that he had a leg amputated and his family started a GoFundMe account to help with the medical costs.

Via Rolling Stone, Dre said on Memorial Day that he slipped and fell down a flight of stairs at his sister’s house. He suffered an injury to his right ankle, and later developed a life-threatening infection.

“The infection that was in my feet had started eating away at my bones,” he told the publication. “If I had waited another day, I’d have been septic, and I could’ve died.”

The bottom line is that doctors amputated his leg below the calf. He was fitted with a prosthetic and underwent physical therapy.

As was previously reported, Dre developed diabetes around a decade ago and last year he had lost his sight.

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“I’m a type 2 diabetic who’s lost his vision,” he said in an interview with ABC 7 New York. He told the TV station diabetes wasn’t the only contributing factor to his vision loss.

“I had my retinas reattached, so I didn’t really go blind just from the diabetes, but in the reattachment I have what you call scar tissue behind my eyes, so when that kind of fluctuates, my vision comes back,” he explained. “It fades out, then it comes back.”

Despite his recent health challenges, Doctor Dre remains positive about life.

“I’m very blessed and sometimes, a loss is a plus,” he told Rolling Stone. “I’m a very spiritual man. I’m a very God-fearing man. And if this is the master plan, then he’s done what he wants to do. It’s out of my control.”

Andre Brown, also known as “Dr. Dre,” became known nationally for co-hosting the groundbreaking “Yo! MTV Raps” with Ed Lover from 1988 to 1995. The show, which originally launched in 1987 with Fab 5 Freddy as host, introduced fans to their favorite artists. Dre, Long Island, NY native,  was also a co-founder of 1980s rap group Original Concept, and a DJ in New York and Los Angeles.


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Police Officer Proves Hand Sanitizer Fumes Can Put Drivers Over BAC Limit / WATCH



Hand Sanitizer - -unsplash-1024x683-1-e1605849339725-1000x576
Hand Sanitizer - -unsplash-1024x683-1-e1605849339725-1000x576

*ORADEA, Romania— — A Romanian police officer demonstrated how alcohol vapors from hand sanitizer can result in a driver’s blood alcohol content registering over the legal limit.

Octavian Pertea, an officer from the city of Oradea who works for the police department in Bihor county, filmed the experiment and shared it on his YouTube channel in October.

In the video, Pertea performs a breathalyzer test before getting into his car, which showed his blood alcohol content as zero. The officer then enters the car and pretends to be a civilian who has been pulled over during the coronavirus pandemic, putting on his face mask and using a gel sanitizer to clean his hands and legal documents.

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Pertea then takes a breathalyzer test that registers his blood alcohol content as 0.2 mg/l, which is over the limit for a nation where it is illegal to drive after drinking any amount of alcohol. A second test comes back showing his blood alcohol level at 0.16 mg/l.

“Be very careful how much alcohol you consume when you disinfect yourself and what products you use because you risk making a few trips to the police station,” Pertea says in the footage.

The officer goes on to recommend that drivers disinfect their hands before getting into their cars or use non-alcoholic disinfectants. He also advises motorists who get pulled over to request the collection of biological blood samples to more accurately determine their blood alcohol levels.

“Be very careful. We are obliged to take this value into account anyway, even if you show us the bottle with alcohol that you have just disinfected yourself with,” he says. “If you are sure that you have not consumed alcohol, we will take you to the nearest hospital unit to determine the exact blood alcohol level.”

Pertea’s experiment comes after a man was prosecuted in Turkey for drunk driving earlier this year despite claiming he had not been drinking alcohol.

Mehmet Kabatas was confident there would be no problem when he was stopped by police in the Gulyali district of Ordu on June 28. Thus, he was shocked when an alcohol meter detected a blood alcohol content of 0.27%. Despite going to a nearby hospital, where a blood test confirmed he had no alcohol in his system, Kabatas faced a fine and had his license suspended for six months.

The policeman shows the results after the active alcohol test. (Tavi Pertea/Realpress)

He now believes the mix-up stemmed from his use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer he had used for protection from COVID-19 shortly before getting pulled over.

In Romania, a value greater than 0.0 g/l and less than 0.4 g/l of alcohol in the blood can be punishable with a fine and a six-month license suspension. Those found to have an amount greater than 0.4 g/l can expect to face a fine or one to five years in jail.

(Edited by Carlin Becker and Fern Siegel)

The post Police Officer Proves Hand Sanitizer Fumes Can Put Drivers Over BAC Limit appeared first on Zenger News.

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