Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Nipsey Hussle: Surveillance Camera Caught the Actual Shooting – VIDEO is GRAPHIC

*Disturbing footage from a surveillance camera has captured footage of the Nipsey Hussle shooting and killing on Sunday in Los Angeles.

Surveillance video shows the shooter, a man in the dark shirt, opening fire 3 separate times on Hussle. You see him shoot once … starts walking away … then comes back a second time and shoots again, and then a third time.

After the third time, the a-hole  kicks Nipsey and flees back toward the alley where was initially entering the video.

Multiple sources tell TMZ that before the shooter unloaded, he and Nipsey got into it. Supposedly Nipsey asked him if he had snitched to cops in the past because that was the word on the street.

The supposedly suspect felt as if he was dissed, left to get a gun … then returned to get revenge.

TMZ says it obtained the footage from a business adjacent to Nipsey’s The Marathon Clothing store. On the left side of the screen … you can see someone in a red shirt enter the frame from an alleyway, walking quickly toward the front of the store.

The actual shooting is hard to make out, but you can see a victim collapse to the ground, and several people fleeing the area. It’s unclear if the gunman is one of those people running from the scene — but the footage makes it clear there were several witnesses to the shooting.


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