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Felicia Lee-Sexton: Former Drug Dealer and Addict Uses Her Past to Motivate Women

*Nationwide — “Hello, I’m Felicia Lee-Sexton. I’m a former dope dealer and dope fiend. That’s not to depress you or impress you, that’s just who I USED to be.” That’s how Felicia introduces herself to perspective clients walking into her women’s only gym. ‘When I start by telling my truth, I begin to tear down the wall. I’m transparent and I encourage them to start breaking down the wall that’s keeping them stuck in life.”

Felicia says she spends about an hour in her office talking to a new client. She doesn’t start with their exercise goals or if they want to work on losing weight, strength training or endurance. She asks them what they’re addicted to. “Most of them usually give me a blank stare and can’t answer or tell me they’re not addicted to anything. That’s when I tell them they’re lying to themselves and will always be stuck.”

Felicia knows a lot about being stuck. She’s a native of St. Louis, Missouri. At the age of 20, she met a man who treated her like a queen and it wasn’t long before she fell deeply and dangerously in love with one of the city’s biggest drug dealers. It wouldn’t be long before she was dealing for him, and using all the cocaine she wanted. Her life spiraled out of control and she had to escape to Houston to get away from other drug dealers to whom she owed money. Felicia’s gritty and raw life story is chronicled in her book, “From Recovery to Discovery: My Journey Through Addiction.”


felicia lee-sexton - from_recovery_to_discovery

After becoming clean more than 25 years ago, Felicia used exercise as a tool to get her body and mind together. “I knew if I wanted to stay clean I had to focus on something other than staying clean.” She says she discovered bodybuilding and focused on becoming the best. She’s won competitions all over the country. Felicia doesn’t hide or excuse her past. Instead, she uses it to encourage others. She opened her gym, The Women’s Health and Fitness Center, five years ago because she wanted to give women a safe place to let their guard down. “We pray before group classes and some private sessions. Some of my clients are weighed down by more than physical pounds. There’s heaviness in their lives that must first be lifted so they can truly be successful in toning their bodies and reducing the number on that scale. I encourage them to start letting that emotional weight go. Once they get that, breakthroughs are inevitable.”

Felicia says she could never imagine living the life she’s living now. “People are surprised when I say I don’t regret anything that’s happened in my life. Every bad decision led me to be the person I am now. I’m living my best life and I’m elevating other women to live their best lives. God ordered my steps and led me here. How could I regret that?”

In addition to her gym located in Stafford, Texas, Southwest of Houston, Felicia trains and motivates women all over the world through live video sessions. She’s also a sought after motivational speaker who passionately shares her journey with thousands.

Her book, “From Recovery to Discovery,” is available on Amazon and via her website at






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