Saturday, March 6, 2021

Jason Whitlock Attacks Popovich and Kerr in Broad Critique of NBA on China

Conservative-minded journalist Jason Whitlock has done and said some things that have made the so-called Black Delegation bat their eyes in unison. This time around, Whitlock has some choice thoughts about the NBA’s refusal to criticize the Chinese government on things such as the Hong Kong protests and the ongoing internment of millions of Muslim Uyghurs.

On Wednesday, he argued that the profit-minded NBA, and its players by proxy, are giving in to a Marxist Communist agenda by refusing to call out the the actions of the Chinese government for fear of losing profits.

“I think the cultural impact that China’s influence over a great sport, great American sport like basketball, is just now being exposed and just how dependent the NBA is on the Chinese economy and the Chinese money to put on the appearance of how great the league is doing,” Whitlock said. “You really have to understand the shoe companies, Nike, Adidas, they run American basketball from the high school level all the way to the pros and the shoe companies are dependent on the China market and that’s where all of this is coming from.”

Jason Whitlock
Jason Whitlock

“We are apologizing to a communist government and then we have athletes here and coaches like Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich that rail against our government. We’re the bad guys in the minds of these NBA players and coaches and their little parade of being so woke…They’re doing the bidding of the shoe companies and protecting China and demonizing us and our culture and dramatically changing our culture,” he continued. “These guys can rail against our government, our president and be applauded for it. They don’t have the courage to speak out against a communist government. All kinds of human rights violations. It’s the epitome of hypocrisy and cowardice.”

While his general thesis is on point, directing attacks and two individuals who have had nothing to do with the China situation stinks of a personal attack. So, I guess all the positivity we leaked on Whitlock earlier in the piece has to be rescinded somewhat. Because, at the end of the day, Jason Whitlock still sounds like a crony to conservatism. I guess a broke clock can still be right once a day if it has two hands.
Ricardo A. Hazell began his career in journalism in 1996 as a Research Intern for the prestigious Editor & Publisher Co. His byline has appeared in The Root, Washington Post, Black Enterprise and he helped define culture within the African Diaspora as Senior Cultural Contributor at The Shadow League. Currently working on the semi-autobiographical novel "Remorse".



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