Wednesday, May 22, 2024

How Black Love Survives in 2018 While Black Wealth is Shrinking

*Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the layout of love in the African American community as we enter 2018 and face the reality black wealth is shrinking nationally.

Moore looks at Timing, Technology, and Trust as factors that are driving wedges in black relationships.

The discussion takes us through a critical evaluation of the financial moment facing African Americans as we enter 2018 under extreme wealth calcification, while Trump’s Tax cuts give more cuts to the rich than we have seen in decades. While at the same times programs needed by the poor, and working class are scaled back both federally, and at the state level.

Using the chart below Moore details how the amount of wealth held by the bottom 90%, is now close to equaling that held by the top .1% for the first time in several generations. In fact, not since the depression have we seen this to be the case. In addition while top .1 percent holds 23% of the U.S. household wealth, and the bottom 90% of the population has 23%, the chart also delivers a stark reminder that the remaining top 9.9% of America which is nearly all white, has the other 56% of the U.S. household wealth.

Timing Wealth

Moore details how Black love can survive in a world where African Americans in total only have a shrinking 2.6% of the U.S. household wealth, but carry the dreams that require so much more.

Antonio Moore graduated from UCLA, and Loyola Law School. He is now a practicing Los Angeles based attorney. In recent years he worked as a producer on the Emmy nominated documentary entitled Crack in the System presented by Al Jazeera. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel @ Tonetalks Download the Dash Radio App and catch his show on Dash Talk

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