Thursday, September 29, 2022

Rapper E-40’s ‘Earl Stevens Wine’ is a Smash Hit in the Wine World

E-40 & his Earl Stevens wine

*On the streets and in hip-hop culture he’s known as E-40, but in wine culture he goes by his government name Earl Stevens.

Yes, E-40 is involved in the wine business. In fact, his product, Earl Stevens Selections, is a major hit.

His three wines include moscato, a red blend called “Function,” and “Mangoscato,” which is a  high-alcohol fortified wine.

Stevens’ wines have been so popular since their October 2013 release, they are competing on the same level as the likes of Rodney Strong and Ferrari-Carano.

“I’ve always loved wine,” Stevens told the Sacramento Bee via a phone call from his Bay Area home. “Sometimes you’ve got to roll the dice, but I had a good vibe about it. We’re making progress.”

Earl Stevens Selections is not only popular in the wine industry, but he’s found traction in a business crowded with celebrity brands.

A lot of these celebrity brands haven’t matched Stevens’ success. He’s a tastemaker and entrepreneur looking to turn his business into a bonafide supermarket brand.

“I’m a wine drinker,” Stevens said. “It’s one of those drinks that was always around. Any rapper can have a wine and say, ‘Hey, buy it.’ But you have to be a person who’s real out there. I’m street dude but I’m a person you can walk up to and approach.”

Read more about E-40’s wine endeavors at The Sacramento Bee.




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