Monday, January 17, 2022

Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor Bring Imitation Case Against ‘Empire’

Hakeem Lyon, Tiana, Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor*When you’re hot, everybody wants a piece of you.

Apparently TV shows fall under the same category as the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Iman Shumpert is speaking out against “Empire” with accusations that characters Hakeem Lyon and his girlfriend Tiana were inspired by Shumpert and his main squeeze, singer Teyana Taylor.

According to Shumpert, he and Taylor were “blindsided” by the similarities between them and the “Empire” characters.

“They’re using my girl’s character, her style, her look and she’s not getting anything for it. And come on, man, they’re really using a guy with a flat-top like me. That’s ridiculous. They never called us,” the athlete told Northeast Ohio Media Group.

As noted by, “Empire” is heavily influenced by music industry while incorporating music and entertainment.

Truth is, a good case can be made for Shumpert and Taylor. After all, many viewers can draw similarities from the characters on “Empire” to many famous entertainers and power players in the industry and the business moves they make.

Although it noted that Taylor and Tiana are singers, JetMag was more skeptical about Shumpert’s claim as it mentioned that Bryshere Gray, the actor who plays Hakeem, “was rocking that style prior to Empire.”

So with all this, does Shumpert really have a legitimate claim against “Empire” or is it just a case of “Really?”

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  1. Please sit down!! There is no comparison to you guys. That haircut and style he is rocking is his own. How many guys have the same haircut and style. Yawn and Teyana please there are thousands of black women and teens rocking your hairstyle. You can take a character from any movie or TV Show & make them fit your character. I can guarantee if Empire was a failure you & your boyfriend would not be trying to get a piece of the $$. I hope your claim doesn’t even make it to court, but I am sure you will spend your hard earn money to find some slime ball lawyer who will guarantee you a win. SMH

  2. Riiiiiiiight, b/c after all…..”they” are the ONLY couple who have EVer rocked a high top & curly fro. And these thirsty mofos are actually….”serious”!!??? WOW! See?….shyt like “this” is why good “S.A.T.” scores as sooooooo important. SSMGDH!

  3. Lots of people wear that flat top hair style. There is a young man I attend church with that sports the flat top is he suppose to have stole it too. He also sings in the choir.They need to stop before they make themselves look STUPID.

  4. I agree with him, I noticed right from the start that the fictional Tiana (Sereyah McNeil) was a copy of a Rihanna and Teyana Taylor mix.
    Even though I love Empire, I am so NOT PLEASED with the way that they treat HIP HOP and RAP on this show.
    Frankly, I think racist bourgeois strongholds are keeping the people who produce Empire from taking Hip Hop, Rap stars seriously.

  5. Empire has ripped off at least three shows I can think of. Nothing original about the show but some ppl take it very seriously.

  6. I said this before anyone, that girl is mirrored after Teyana, they are not reaching, I think there is a little RiRi too, but Teyana is the muse.


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