Monday, September 26, 2022

Azealia Banks, Black Twitter Respond to Kendrick Lamar’s Comments on Ferguson

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*In an interview with Billboard, Kendrick Lamar made some controversial comments while talking about police brutality and what the nation should do about it.

He specifically referenced the rioting and hence, the Civil RIght Movement sparked by the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager who was gunned down in Ferguson, Mo.

“But when we don’t have respect for ourselves, how do we expect them to respect us? It starts from within,” he said. “Don’t start with just a rally, don’t start from looting—it starts from within.”

His comments sparked controversy especially with Black Twitter who blasted the rapper for what they believe to be a “misguided” viewpoint.

Many folks felt as though his comments gave the magazine the impression black people don’t respect themselves.

Azealia Banks heavily called out Lamar — blasting his comments as the “dumbest s–t I’ve ever heard a Black man say” on her most outspoken platform, Twitter.

Black Twitter responded with:
“Give Kendrick an oscar, made everybody think he’s a future pro black leader but he’s really the black misinformed version of ned flanders,” Ahmed/Red Cafe Fan (@big_business_) tweeted.

@kendricklamar Why do Black people in America think they can speak for all black people everywhere ? I for one find it annoying,” Izzy Osas (@GabrielOsas21) tweeted.

“Re: Kendrick. Sometimes your favorite artist’s genius can be hyper focused into one particular avenue and be a fool in another,” B.J. Steiner (@DocZeus).



  1. I think this man is on to something. I’m not speaking for all blacks or any other race. Most of our brothers and sisters have lost respect for each other. Either by home invasions, abusive relationships, disrespecting our elders, ignoring our own children and the list go on. We always want to blame others for our mistakes. Kendrick thank you for opening up the conversation.

  2. People are stupid. This man Speaks truth. Everyone thrives on controversy. Stop being so dumb. It isn’t just black people, everyone needs to start changing. We are digging a hole we can’t get out of all for popularity. Racism exists because of idiots. If people stop being stupid and start having respect and using good manners and start trying to appear as though they want something better in life, then things will change. “But I wanna express myself.” Fine, but you don’t have to look like some stupid celebrity to do that. It makes more sense to be a good person and work with others. This is how we achieve equality. Oh wait, we already have. But people don’ thugs. If I were a business owner i would never hire a thug or some dumbass who came in with anything less than business attire. Michael Brown was a thug. So was I at one time. I went to jail 4 times. Now I’m about to buy a house. Know how I changed? I started with simple things like saying thank you and.holding and practicing good manners. Everyone wants to pretend they are angels. Take a good hard look at your daily routine and what you do throughout the day. I guarantee if someone did half the things you do to others you would be furious. Chances are you are already furious from reading this. That’s because it calls you out. Stop being stupid. Change.

  3. yep, lotta thuggish, rougeish boneheads out there … and who’s to blame for it … I happen to agree with the comments … our ruffians don’t have much for taking accountability for their actions … most of them don’t think they do anything wrong when they do, good role models don’t register with them … hate to say it but I call them the lost generation …

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