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Whoa! Candace Owens’ Diagnosis for ‘Homewrecker’ Ariana Grande is ‘Random Hoe Disorder’ | WATCH

*Ariana Grande’s relationship with her “Wicked” co-star Ethan Slater has brought the doctor out of Candace Owens, who claims the pop star suffers from a form of “random hoe disorder.”

According to Madame Noire, Owens went full in on Grande, tackling talk surrounding the “Side to Side” singer stealing Slater from his wife shortly after the birth of the couple’s son.

She pointed her wrath at Grande during the Jan. 16 episode of the Candace Owens podcast. The right-wing, married mother of two blasted the “Rain on Me” entertainer over rumors the singer stole Slater from his wife shortly after the couple welcomed a son.

“He was married to his high school sweetheart — her name is Lilly Jay — and they had just had their first child. After being together for almost a decade. But that, of course, didn’t stop Ariana Grande,” Owens said during the Jan. 16 episode of her Candace Owens podcast.

Candace Owens - Getty
Candace Owens – Getty

The sharp-tongued author, director and conservative pundit went on to accuse Grande of having pride in “being a homewrecker” throughout her career. In Owens eyes, popular vocalist “didn’t care” about ruining other women’s relationships. To hear her tell it, stealing men for sport was something that “excites” Grande.

“I actually think she suffers from some random hoe disorder where she actually likes it when a man is taken… She’s turned on by it in a weird way,” Owens stated while blasting Grande. “She did not care that he [Slater] was ugly. She was just like, ‘I want to break up this family.’”

To cement her point, Owens mentioned Grande’s latest single, “Yes, And?,” a tune she labeled as a celebration of the entertainer’s “homewrecking capabilities.”

“Don’t comment on my body, do not reply/ Your business is yours and mine is mine/ Why do you care so much whose dick I ride, why?,” the commentator read when reciting a portion of the song’s lyrics.

For Owens, her issue with Grande boils down to “basic morality.”

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater; Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty, Stephen Lovekin/Variety/Penske/Getty
Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater; Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty, Stephen Lovekin/Variety/Penske/Getty

“Why do we care? [Because] we don’t want to picture you sleeping with Ethan Slater,” Owens argued. “We want to acknowledge, the general public, that her behavior is absolute filth. We just want to be able to read you for the trash that you are.”

As the episode continued, Owens continued her brutal assessment of Grande, voicing her support for “following hoe culture” as well as hopes to open a “rehab for hoes” one day. Her first patient would be the songstress.

“I am very much in favor of following hoe culture,” the firebrand commented. “I’ve been fascinated by hoes — the hoe apocalypse that we’re facing. It’s amazing to follow these women and the way they think. And chief among them right now is Ariana Grande.”

Owen’s views on the Grande-Slater situation comes months after the pair reportedly divorced their significant others. Citing People, Madame Noire noted Grande’s finalizing of her split from Dalton Gomez in October 2023 after Slater called it quits with his wife in July 2023. During that same month, the publication confirmed Slater and Grande were dating.

Although Grande seemed to take the gist of Owens’ raw criticism, Slater was not spared. Evaluating his looks, the podcaster described the “Wicked” actor as a “real unfortunate-looking guy.” She ultimately dismissed Slater as a “weak” man who generally wasn’t “worth discussing.”

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