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Tony Rock, Still Fuming, Insists ‘There’s Still Smoke’ After Will Smith Slapped His Brother Chris Rock | WATCH

Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock Oscars in bgrd)
Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock (Oscars in Bgrd)

*Over two years have passed since the infamous Will Smith vs. Chris Rock thing at the 2022 Oscars. You would think that at this point, the less said about it the better for everyone, but it seems that’s not the case — at least for Rock’s family. So says Tony Rock.

According to Chris Rock’s younger brother, “There’s still smoke” after all these years. It appears that, as far as the family is concerned, the slap happened yesterday. On May 6, Tony Rock, the brother to the slapped comedian, had a sit down with Math Hoffa, the host of “My Expert Opinion Show.”

Tony Rock, the “Everybody Hates Chris” actor, is himself a comedian. He sat down to set the record straight, claiming Will Smith never apologized for his misconduct. All the “Bad Boys” star did was to publicly acknowledge his “unacceptable” conduct at the Oscars.

But for Tony, that wasn’t a proper apology; it was all for the TV.

“I still think he owes me 5 minutes of a conversation. I’m not saying it’s a fight,” Tony added. Tony and Smith worked together for four years on the Black family sitcom, “All of Us.”

Tony also explained that he wasn’t watching the 94th Oscars on March 27, 2022, when his older brother was slapped. But he was soon overwhelmed by the many frantic calls from people trying to contact him over the incident. He learned about it from one of the calls and later watched a video of the incident long after everyone else had had their fill.

He called Chris’s assistant to get more information. According to Tony, 49, his older brother Chris thought he might want to fight over the matter. Chris told him to “Chill.”

In the interview, as reported by MadameNoire, Tony also got to explain that it’s older brother Chris who “calls the shots” in their house. Their father, Julius Rock, reportedly passed away in 1988.

“Big bro call the shots. My pops is not here, so big brother is the leader,” Tony stated. “It doesn’t mean I can’t talk about it,” he added.

Tony Rock - Depositphotos
Tony Rock – Depositphotos

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