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Kel Mitchell’s Ex-Wife Denies Getting Pregnant by Multiple Men and Having Abortions

Kel Mitchell
LOS ANGELES – FEB 12: Kel Mitchell at the Madame Web Premiere at the Village Theater on February 12, 2024 in Westwood, CA /Depositphotos

*Kel Mitchell’s ex-wife, Tyisha Hampton, responded to his wild allegations that she repeatedly cheated on him during their marriage, became pregnant by other men, and had several abortions.

This is the same ex who claims she once busted Kel and Nick Cannon engaged in some sexual role-playing freak session in their family home. Cannon, according to Hampton, was wearing a cheerleading outfit during their kinky intimate encounter. 

“This man is lying about abortions. Just the fact that you’re even lying about abortions is crazy,” Hampton said in a TikTok video Wednesday, Page Six reports. 

“That’s really crazy work. But then also to state that because of these fake abortions, because of cheating you wanted to — because of me cheating — this man said he wanted to kill himself,” she added. “Just think about how narcissistic that sounds.”

Hampton added, “Kel’s math is not mathing. He is not talking about me,” she said in a separate TikTok video. “I am not the one that is pregnant. It’s not even physically possible.”

Hampton claims she was a virgin when she wed Kel. The ex-couple shares two children. 

“The very first time that I had sex, I was impregnated with my son, who is here and he’s alive and well. There could not have been an abortion between any of that because obviously, that’s not how that works.”

We reported earlier that Mitchell appeared on “Club Shay Shay” this week and shared intimate details of his tumultuous marriage.

Mitchell opened up about how Hampton became pregnant multiple times by other men during their marriage.

“I ended up marrying my ex-wife because we had another baby,” he told host Shannon Sharpe. “We had the abortion and then we had a baby … and she ended up telling me that the baby that was aborted wasn’t mine. Within that process, you already marry within a lie,” the “Good Burger” star revealed.

Mitchell further alleged that he caught Hampton with another man at a hotel.

Hampton and Mitchell divorced in 2005.



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